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Our beginnings —  

We're a couple of guys who focus on positive practices, including health and wellness, money, work-life balance, and all the tools and tricks and tips we use to better ourselves every day.

Learning how to practice the art of today has brought positive, incremental results that add up over time and help us be happier and better versions of ourselves.

If you're ready to learn with people who are on the same level as you, and not some mega-wealthy, overly advantaged influencer and superstar on how to live a life worth living, this is the book for you.

We live for improvement 

We were both raised in Amarillo, TX, and haven't died yet, against all odds. We're friends from middleschool, then higschool, college, and after. We've been pushing and challenging each other across Amarillo, Lubbock, College Station, and Dallas, TX to be better versions of ourselves.

Currently, Andrew is an indie author with his first book, A Leaf and Pebble, out on Amazon while also running a marketing and consulting agency in Amarillo called Axe & Bow.

Daniel, on the other hand, is a successful senior manager at Alight Solutions, Husband of the Year (according to his wife), and the brains behind most of the success of his friends. He also has a killer jumpshot, and is a step or two away from pro-ultimate frisbee status.

Daniel Winter

Daniel! —

Daniel is a people manager, ultimate frisbee junkie, and amateur bench maker.​

Check out Daniel's full story here!

About Daniel
Andrew Monre

Meet Andrew! —

Andrew is an indie author, self-proclaimed nerd, and owner of Axe & Bow Marketing.

Check out Andrew's full story here!

About Andrew

A great
community —  

Finding where you belong is hard. If you're ready to try something new to improve your life, come join us on the journey Andrew and Daniel are working towards.

I may be biased. Daniel is my brother and I’ve known Andrew for far too long at this point, but their podcast is definitely worth a listen! There’s so many things to get overwhelmed by right now, and it’s nice to be reminded of the important and even silly things in life.

Daniel's Sister

Andrew and Daniel are fun to listen to as they encourage their listeners to think about what’s important in life.


I've been listening to the podcast for a while now, and I just love the philosophy of these guys. Living for today is really the only way to do it in my opinion and this book captures that perfectly. If you are struggling to find meaning or happiness in your life, give this book a try. It may be just what you needed.

Larnce H.

This can work. Not vague. Step by step. Path to change. Down to earth. This is my future. Thank you!

Deb Den