About THE Host

Hey, I’m Andrew Monroe

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a writer, dabbler in marketing, self-proclaimed nerd, and owner of Axe & Bow Marketing.

The Origin Story

My childhood basically revolved around a small set interests. Reading books, watching Star Wars, playing Pokemon, and trying to beat anyone at anything they wanted to compete.

It's unsure what the long term effects of this are, but Daniel and I met in middleschool and discovered this synergistic mindset. After graduating from Amarillo High, I went on to Texas Tech to get a completely ridiculous degree in Global Affairs. From there, I ended up back in Amarillo doing sales before being laid off and going to work for my father.

Learning and slowing down.

I heard a saying at some point in the last few years- "notice the small things." This has stuck with me, and I recommend you really think on it.

Not only has this helped me be more grateful for what happens in my day to day life, but it's also helped me appreciate the process of growing.

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