Introductions Redux- Daniel and Andrew (#1)

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Introductions Redux- Daniel and Andrew (#1)

We've updated this episode to have a bit better quality, and more information about who we are and what we're up to. Hope y'all dont mind!

Want to know who Daniel and Andrew are, why they've started a podcast, and what exactly "Dead by Tomorrow" means? Here's the episode for you!

Show Notes:

About Us Page

Learn about Daniel Winter and Andrew Monroe.

Alight Solutions (Daniel's place of work)

Daniel works within the healthcare services field, there's a lot of good done for a lot of people.

Axe and Bow Marketing (Andrew's sort of place of work)

This is Andrew's marketing agency, where he builds websites and provides targeted marketing strategies for clients.

Kobe jersey 24 meaning

Challenge: Figure out if you were to die tomorrow, what would you have changed about today?

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Episode Transcript

Andrew: Hey guys, welcome to Dead by Tomorrow, episode one. Today, we will be covering introductions for Daniel and I, and where the idea of this podcast came from and some of our topics that we'll be covering moving forward. We really appreciate you listening, and if this is the first episode, you're checking out, we are thrilled to have you, and we hope that you get a lot of value out of this going forward. So thanks for stopping by and without further ado, let's get this party started.

Daniel: [00:00:44] All right, Andrew. So introductions are hard and awkward. As we've figured out through probably too many takes, then we should count or should publish. And so really. You know, I've said it once before and it's worth saying you probably shouldn't say anything about yourself that somebody else wouldn't say.

So I'm going to, I'm going to actually introduce you here and feel free to correct me anywhere that I'm wildly wrong or wildly off base. Sound good. Okay.

Andrew: [00:01:12] Yeah. let's see how bad this goes.

Daniel: [00:01:14] All right. So for our listeners, we've got Andrew Monroe. He is actually a childhood friend of mine. We've met back in middle school and we've known each other for probably about 15 years now. And so at this point, if there's anybody that can speak on the subject of Andrew, who he is, what he's about, I'd like to.

Say that I'm pretty high on that list. And so Andrew is somebody that has done a few different unorthodox things so far in life. And I think that brings, uh, an interesting perspective and interesting mindset. So Andrew, you, graduated from Texas tech with a, uh, remind me of the degree again.

Andrew: [00:01:56] Had remind me as well. I got a global affairs degree, which is a Bachelor of Arts, and I'm not even sure. Where else it went because I changed colleges in the enter college sense. almost twice a semester. They didn't know what to do with me. So global affairs, which is like international affairs.

Daniel: [00:02:15] Global affairs. Perfect. And I know you studied a little while, internationally in Japan and then going from school, went back to Amarillo, which is our hometown worked for Amarillo gear for a little while. Lee learned a few things about working in a, in an office culture. And I think we may hear a story or two about what that process was like, and know, how ultimately you, left there.

And then from there. You went to work for Plains Internet, which is a wireless internet service provider that your dad started, which there's certainly a huge amount to unpack on what it's like to. first of all, benefit from nepotism, but, um, to really just be in a position where you had to wear a [00:03:00] ton of different hats.

And so you were there until pretty recently. And at this point now we're actually working on becoming your own sort of entrepreneur. You've written A Leaf and Pebble. You started Axe and Bow marketing company. Is that the best way to describe it?

Andrew: [00:03:18] Yeah, I've actually, I was calling it a Maximo, but yeah, I've changed it to ACS and bone marketing. Cause I was like, that's all I'm doing is marketing and websites.

Daniel: [00:03:24] Yeah. And then a recently launched a clothing brand, the subtle nerd. So a, really a huge amount of things that you've already done you've already tried. And so I think it's going to be interesting to hear some of the tips that you've learned throughout that some of the perspectives that you've gained, just in that short amount of time.

Andrew: [00:03:44] No, a lot of failures. So that's what I'm bringing to the tables. A lot of mistakes. I know, especially with Amarillo gear, a lot of the things that we want to talk about is, or at least on my end is all the ways that I was. Subpar and probably what ultimately led to me getting laid off, not technically fired, but I think a laying off is just a way for them to gently let you go instead of making it a fight.

Daniel: [00:04:06] Yeah. There's, there's some HR implications there for sure.

Andrew: [00:04:09] Yep. And it really came down to, I just, I was not. I was not doing the dead by tomorrow mindset. I thought I'd made it. I had a job and it was time to kick back and do a, do what I could and get away with what I could and just was not a great employee, lot of ego and not a lot of drive. So which, off the cuff, that was a great introduction.

I have all kinds of warm and fuzzies from that. So thank you.

Daniel: [00:04:32] Yeah, we didn't even talk about some of the, the darker donut obsessions or anything like that.

Andrew: [00:04:37] Oh, yeah, there is the donuts, we can save that for later. So people don't judge us too much. At least the ones that don't know us. it's only fair if I introduce Daniel then who is obviously the better sounding, better looking version of

this podcast.

Daniel: [00:04:51] Yeah, it's always good to go with describing what somebody looks like for an audio only medium strong move.

Andrew: [00:04:58] it's really good because now they're going to imagine this rugged, long haired. Manly, kind of like a mix between the rock, with is it Fabian

Daniel: [00:05:08] Fabio.

Andrew: [00:05:09] Fabio. There we go. Yeah. The rock and Fabio. that's Daniel to a T. I've heard many people say that. you should listen to us for his good looks.

No. So

Daniel is. Obviously, an old friend of mine, as he said, but more importantly, he is following that route that a lot of people are very keyed into that's what a lot of people want to do with their lives. He's a father, a recent father. How old is your child now? Two weeks.

Daniel: [00:05:34] One week one


Andrew: [00:05:36] isn't only been a week.

Daniel: [00:05:37] only been a week.

Andrew: [00:05:38] maybe by the time people are listening to this, it'll be


So a very recent father, which I that's quite impressive and scares the heck out of me, but not because of you, obviously, because I'm scared of children myself,

Daniel: [00:05:49] It's different when they're there, when they're yours, it

Andrew: [00:05:52] Exactly. And you're willing to take on that responsibility and, it was not an accidental thing.

I know you guys [00:06:00] very much intended to have a child and everything that comes with it. You've been making moves for years now in anticipation of having a child, which is the responsible way to do it. And it takes a lot of time and effort and a lot of sacrifice. So in that that's just the data, that's the most recent thing that you've done, but obviously you work at what is called Alight now, is that the full name or is there

Daniel: [00:06:21] Yeah, Alight Solutions.

Andrew: [00:06:24] Alight Solutions?

Oh, I like that name. That's a good one. I'm doing healthcare consulting for a lot of companies, which is a really important thing considering where insurance has taken us in this day and age. And you're a senior manager there. You have been climbing that ladder. Almost scary, fast. what's your official title now?

Daniel: [00:06:43] Yeah, senior consulting manager as of, almost a year ago now.

Andrew: [00:06:47] That was like four promotions, five promotions and six years.

Daniel: [00:06:51] Yeah, I haven't necessarily kept track. it's been a whirlwind, and there's definitely a lot that I'll want to talk through and unpack on the parts that I got to play in that the parts where it was being the right time, right place. and just sort of working through situations where I felt like.

Maybe that was a promotion that came too quickly. Maybe it wasn't ready for that. Some of that imposter syndrome.

Andrew: [00:07:14] Sure. And that's tough, man, but it's still really cool because that's what a lot of people who leave college or, you know, start a new job. That's the trajectory they're hoping for, not many people could hope for as fast or as many promotions in such a short period of time as you are.

I know whenever I was at Amarillo Gear, it was like, Hey, maybe in five years, you'll, uh, tap up to the next level, but now we're going to let you off. So you've done what a lot of people, tell themselves they're going to do or want to do, but most people don't follow through with.

And that's, the professional side, you obviously have a wife, which is where the child came from. If anybody was curious, Daniel's not just a doing this solo.

So shout out to Hillary, that’s the married life, the father life, the career profile, fashionable. you're on track to.

Neo doing some really big things with a really big company. And not that you're not doing big things already. you already have a lot more responsibility than I could handle, but you're doing a lot of that kind of stuff. And that's just on the professional side, you spend a lot of time, playing competitive Frisbee and being really physical.

And that's what you mentioned the nerd part earlier. I used to like thinking about it as a, kind of a higher tier nerd where. You've got all the passions and all of the interests that any couch dwelling, video game playing nerd would have, which we obviously do a lot of, but it's paired with this unafraid mentality of chasing the physical side of life, chasing passion and competition and all the other things that normally would be.

So to say, outside the paradigm of what a traditional nerd would allow themselves to do. a lot of the value that Daniel brings to the table here is his successes and his ability to use tool sets and mindsets and all the different ways. He has been able to stay focused and motivated and work with people and just keep, being successful in life.

And he's had his failures as well, but he is more on the [00:09:00] success side of this equation, the coin of what we're trying to teach people and hope to talk about.

Daniel: [00:09:04] I appreciate that. And one thing that I said that's 100% true is there's certainly a part that I've played in that. And if I didn't believe that. Then there wouldn't be value in doing a podcast because there wouldn't be anything worthwhile that I could share. But there has also certainly been situations where it's being in a favorable situation and looking to take advantage of that.

I think sometimes when you look at somebody who say, Oh, they were just in the right place at the right time, that's said to them, Discount the success that somebody has and it's this kind of feeling of, well, they just got lucky. And if I was in their position too, then I also would have done that same thing, but that's not true because even if you're in the right place at the right time, you still have to make the right choice.

You still have to be the right person and that's on you. And so I've been fortunate to have those two things come together often. and just having this really, this perspective of. There are things that I can do within my control. There are approaches that I can take to make myself ready. I can control that.

I can't necessarily control all these sorts of external factors. And so I'm not going to get bent out of shape if, promotion doesn't happen for me, even if I was a right fit because it wasn't available. And I think that's as somebody who is enjoyed success a lot, and a lot of times it's important to keep that in mind so that I.

Don't get too much of an ego and then I don't get too down on myself when things don't work out.

Andrew: [00:10:35] Oh, yeah. And that's, probably a disclaimer. We should add onto this as both of us have probably inflated egos than what we should. So this is also partly to help us remember that we are probably only maybe a half step ahead of some people and that's, that's all we're really trying to show people is how to get a little bit further.

Then maybe they're where they're at right now. And no way are saying that we have all the answers or actually know anything despite what our, sometimes arrogance might say.

Daniel: [00:11:02] Yeah. Very true.

Andrew: [00:11:03] that reminded me of something, being in the right place at the right time. There was a quote that I saw somewhere and I have no idea where it was, but it was something like luck is dedication and time.

like that's the formula for luck is dedication and time like being in the right place at the right time is working hard all the time until those stars actually line up and you're in the right spot to take that opportunity and run with it

Daniel: [00:11:24] I liked that a lot.

Andrew: [00:11:31] with all these, uh, all these lovely things said about each other, which, I’ll have to go write in my diary later.

let's skip over to why we're wanting to do a podcast. You want to start us off on what dead by tomorrow is going to be about and who we're trying to help, why we're trying to help people and why we might be able to do so.

Daniel: [00:11:47] Yeah, for sure. So really the driving idea. If we boil it down to a single word of dead by tomorrow is intentionality. That's at the heart of everything [00:12:00] that we want to talk about that we want to discuss, that we want to interview people on is just taking a more intentional approach to, your relationships, to your own, perspective to really just every day.

And. A driving factor behind that intentionality, as we all want to accomplish things within our lives, we all want to, at the end of our lives, be able to look back and say, I was able to be a great husband, a great dad. I was able to climb to be, you know, an executive. I was able to write this great screenplay, whatever it is.

We all have things that If, and when we die, we want to have accomplish, but those things don't happen without an intentional daily effort and mindset, which I really think can apply to so many things. And so. That was something that Andrew and I have both felt passionate about really our entire lives.

We've always wanted to find ways to grow, to move forward. We've always challenged each other and doing this podcast was just kind of its own a microcosm of. Of wanting to do that saying, Hey, we've always talked about doing a podcast.

We've always talked about creating content. why don't we do it now? Why don't we take intentional steps to start making that happen?

Andrew: [00:13:21] And here we are, which then that's the thing, the mindset dead by tomorrow.


how could we talk about? Doing what you should today, instead of pushing it off until tomorrow, if we couldn't start our content creation, start doing a podcast, we've been talking about link and that's exactly the point. We are trying to live this ethos that we've come up with by doing this.

So, we're not going to get rich off this or really make any money probably. But our goal here is really to help ourselves grow and. Help teach each other and show each other different techniques that are working for us and hold each other accountable. And in the process, hopefully you guys can pick up some of these tips and tricks and mindsets and tools and anything else that we come across, which usually involves books or movies we like, or, just different things that a couple of guys in their late twenties are digging and see if you can.

You don't use those in your own life. And if it doesn't do anything for you, hopefully we'll entertain you. And if not, you are more than welcome to send us angry letters and we'll, uh, try to respond to them in equal fashion.

Daniel: [00:14:20] Letters carrier pigeons’ emails.

Andrew: [00:14:23] yeah. Anything or Molotov cocktails.

I've got a question then for you Daniel, with this mindset, if you were dead by tomorrow, if today was your last day, what would you do differently?

Daniel: [00:14:40] I've obviously thought about that question just with the content that we're talking about in, it's funny, that you asked this today because the answer that I would give, I actually think I knocked out today, right before this episode. And so. What I feel like is going to be really important.

the last day that I'm alive is just to [00:15:00] really reflect on the people that hopefully made my life great. my family, my friends, those that I'm really grateful for and just making sure that they know the impact that they had, know how much I loved them, cared for them. and for them to, hopefully.

Leave without any question of where they stood with me. And so, right before I got on, I was actually writing thank you notes to some family and some friends just sharing some of that sort of stuff. And so I think my last day would be spent doing it. A lot of that, just writing a lot of notes, just really making it clear where people, stand and how much I appreciate them.

And. Yeah. Maybe giving them a challenge or two too. I don't think I could walk away from one last opportunity to encourage somebody to maybe step it up a little bit.

Andrew: [00:15:47] That is something I think both of us have lost friends over is pushing people a little too far on improvement.

Daniel: [00:15:53] Yeah. Yeah.

I got to get it. Got to get it in at least one last time.

Andrew: [00:15:57] Of course, they can't be mad at you if you're dead and then they have to do it. So make it good. It's funny. You mentioned writing letters because I actually went and got a book of stamps and I, with the intention of writing out some. Gratitude letters myself, because I'm doing this made for program and this month is gratitude and I just really liked it. And it was like, Hey, you need to send three postcards out and write this essay. And I was like, that's really cool, but I, sometimes I'm going over achiever.

And I really want to write a bunch of people, some letters that say, thank you for, appreciating what they've done for me and just being in my life. So I'm actually going to be following suit rather shortly in a weird coincidence.

Daniel: [00:16:34] Gotcha. so that's really the you're saying that you're going to steal my answer for what you would do.

Andrew: [00:16:39] No,

I'll come up with my own answer. It's fine. I don't know. I spin, I swing between that whole Yolo mindset sometimes, which is not healthy on the last day versus doing something really meaningful. if I was to kick the bucket, which honestly, some days feels like it's just right around the corner, I would probably try and.

Do like a 50 50 split between maybe some personal reflection and a fair bit of writing. Cause you know, I really liked to write obviously, It's been a lot of time. They're writing, maybe not a book or, these fantasy stories, but just a long get everything out, get all my reflections done. And then I probably spend a lot of time with friends and family.

If I could obviously logistically be hard with everybody spread out everywhere. But if I had enough warning, you know, maybe throw a Bilbo Baggins style party. Cause that just. I love the concept that talking put forth with the 120 first birthday. Is that what Bilbo was having more of the rings?

Daniel: [00:17:32] I think it was 111. The, uh, just to make it difficult to say the, the one, one, one.

Andrew: [00:17:38] one, one, that's a good number. So something like that. Throw this just huge. Not like a ranger kind of party, but just a get together with food and drink and friends and family and,

Daniel: [00:17:49] fireworks.

Of course.

Andrew: [00:17:50] fireworks obviously. anything like that, maybe a sword fight. You never know, that kind of stuff.

So doing something like that for the evening would be really cool. And I think the rest of the day I would probably spend [00:18:00] in. Maybe solitude or maybe one on one with some of the more important people in my life and, getting coffee and chatting about the important things, writing stuff down, probably get a workout, even though it'd be pointless.

I just love working out at this point.

Daniel: [00:18:12] I wonder, I wondered if you were going to say that and I was going to be quick to jump in with it. It wouldn't matter, but you beat me to the punch.

Andrew: [00:18:19] Yeah,

I get that. it wouldn't like you're going to die, but I'd also probably still get a workout in. It's just ingrained at this point. And it's one of the ways that I feel good. you know, I went this morning and just got a nice long chest workout in and it just, it brightens your whole day.

Daniel: [00:18:33] Yeah,

Andrew: [00:18:34] A lot of people don't get that. if you're working out. It needs to be something you're enjoying and sometimes it can be miserable, right. But need to recognize the silver lining there. And whenever you can do that, you're going to enjoy going to the gym more. And it’s, however many years we've been trying to get people to work out with us.

Like it's finally clicking on how to really communicate that to people. Cause for a while, it's just you just, you do it. It's good for you. this is what you should do. Therefore you need to do it. And that just made sense to me, but that doesn't make sense. A lot of people.

Daniel: [00:18:59] Yeah, totally.

Right guys. Thanks for checking out our introduction. We're really excited to talk through just a few of the topics that we think are really important. Again, if you're having that really intentional mindset. So some of the things to look forward to coming up are commitment, opportunity entertainment. If you take an intentional mindset with some of those sorts of things, what does that mean?

And what changes should you consider making? Also look forward to some interviews because. Hopefully you won't get tired of hearing Andrew and I talk, but realistically you probably will. So we'll bring in a few guests just to share their own perspectives about what it's like to live with that dead by tomorrow.

Intentional mindset.

Andrew: [00:19:45] I'm looking forward to some of those there's some really great people lined up and yeah. You guys are really going to enjoy hearing from some guys and girls who are a lot smarter than Daniel and I. So that's one of the big things we bring to this table is not necessarily our own experiences, which we do have a lot of, but we have a lot of people in both of our lives who.

Have a lot more experience than they're really interesting, really cool people. And they have a lot to share as well. And hopefully we'll be able to pick their brains for you and bring something there. So this was a dead by tomorrow with Daniel and Andrew. We really appreciate you stopping by and checking out this first episode.

If you liked it, please continue on and check out some more. And. Even if he didn't like it, but you think it was good help one of your friends, please send this over to them, let us share our podcast, share the Facebook page, our website, whatever you want to do. It really helps us grow. we'd really appreciate any support. You can send our way and feel free to check out our website. If you want to see a list of some of our episodes and anything else, you're concerned about, we probably have on there. So thanks for listening. And we look forward to connecting with you soon.

(Old) Transcription: In case you want to read what we updated from.

Andrew: [00:00:25] This week, we'll be covering introductions for Daniel and I, where the idea for the podcast came from and some of our topics moving forward. Thanks for listening.

Daniel: [00:00:34] Okay. Andrew, what would you do if you were going to die tomorrow?

Andrew: [00:00:39] If I was going to die tomorrow, I would probably do something involving being shirtless for starters and.

Hopefully something memorable at the same time, I've got this idea in my head of that scene from that movie. I can't remember where the guy is jumping around in the hotel fountain in his suit, something like that. Maybe somewhere crazy. I'm just kidding. I

Daniel: [00:01:04] honestly don't even know what movie you're talking about, which is a surprise.

Andrew: [00:01:07] I can't remember which movie it was. So honestly, if I was going to die tomorrow, I would. Hopefully be able to use that time to say goodbye to the people I love. And at least on my side of life, I like to write and I'd probably spend a good amount of it writing something hopefully impactful to. Cool.

Daniel: [00:01:26] And how different is that from how you're living today?

Andrew: [00:01:29] I don't know do that right now. I'm not writing for my friends and family in any kind of. Meaningful way. I spent a lot of time playing on Xbox and a lot of time chasing pointless adventures, getting new food, that kind of thing. So it's definitely not something I'm doing on a daily basis.

And then, it could be a problem,

Daniel: [00:01:52] Yeah. I think that's something that we're all guilty of and really that's our biggest motivation for making this podcast. Honestly, I feel like every one of us can probably identify meaningful things that we would hope to accomplish before dying. But that eventuality is just so far removed from our daily mindset.


Andrew: [00:02:09] There's no guarantee that we won't be dead by tomorrow. Okay. All right.

Daniel: [00:02:13] So this is a Yolo podcast, right?

Andrew: [00:02:15] Yeah. not exactly. See, even though tomorrow isn't a guarantee for many of us, we most likely won't die tomorrow, but that honestly makes today even more important. If you really were going to literally die tomorrow, there's probably not a ton of meaningful things you could do today.

This is more of something that you can do on a daily basis that would help you versus something that you only live once and are going to definitely do also have all the fun you

Daniel: [00:02:43] can. Okay. Yeah, I got you. So we are. Going to die some tomorrow, but probably not March 1st, 2020. So keeping both things in mind is the sweet

Andrew Exactly. That's the goal is, memento, Mori, the [00:03:00] remembered that you were going to die. That's what we're going for here, but in a more stoic fashion, I guess you could say where we're looking at. Living a good life, not necessarily a pleasurable life.

Daniel: [00:03:15] Do you want to go ahead and introduce yourself to the listeners?

Andrew: [00:03:19] Absolutely. as awkward as it still is for me, I'll try and give it my best shot. Currently. I'm a not so starving author who also does freelance marketing and consulting. When I can convince people it's valuable outside of that, I spend most of my time building workout plans, trying to find the next greatest donut and reading way too many books.

I've also got some fire dance moves when the DJ drops a good song with that other way. What's your story, Daniel?

Daniel: [00:03:44] let me get one thing out of the way for the listeners. Sorry, Andrea and I are actually childhood friends, tennis doubles partners, overall scheming buddies. Andrew has actually been gracious enough to be my fall guy for the past 15 years.

Andrew: [00:03:58] Yeah. There was a lot of people who thought I did a lot of things. You did all the way through high school. And even in college, some we weren't even in the same city sometimes. And I got blamed for stuff.

Daniel: [00:04:09] Yeah, those residuals were great, really paid dividends. so as far as career, I am a senior consultant for a healthcare navigation company by day, and then some weird combination of a sports bro and huge nerd.

The rest of the time I've been married the past four years and have lived in Dallas for the past

Andrew: [00:04:29] seven. yes. I forgot to mention that I'm an Amarillo, so let's put that in there as well. So now that we've got that covered on where we're from, what makes you qualified to give life advice on a podcast

Daniel: [00:04:42] besides being some random millennial white guy with the mustache?

Andrew: [00:04:47] yeah, besides that I hear that doesn't fly anymore.

Daniel: [00:04:52] I'm actually not that qualified and that's the point. I haven't really done anything amazing. I'm a college graduate. I'm working a pretty normal job in the corporate world. trying to be a decent employee, trying to be a good friend, trying to be a good husband in, I hope that describes a lot of people out there.

And the reason why I want to share some advice is that I feel like where I'm at right now, I'm content where I am, but I haven't hit that point of being complacent. If I knew that I was dying tomorrow, I could honestly leave this world happy. But if my life looked the exact same 20 years from now, as it does right now, that'd be a totally different story.

So over the past couple of years, I've seen so many people that either got completely complacent, they stopped progressing, or they got too obsessed with success and they've never enjoyed a second of their lives. So I'm trying to help out both groups of people.

Andrew: [00:05:49] Are you saying you've reached enlightenment?

How did that happen?

Daniel: [00:05:53] not quite, or maybe, I don't know, maybe some lesser form of it. but as far as how it happens, get the Oscar music ready because [00:06:00] there is a long list of people that think I want to first think my parents, various mentors throughout school and work, reading more books than I can count.

Just kidding. Really about the drama, not about all of those sources. those are all 100% true, but another really important part of that is figuring out ways to process those sources of information. So journaling has been a really big one, grabbing coffee and talking to friends, like you, Andrew, I'm a big external processor, but enough about me, who gave you the right to tell other people how to live their lives?

Andrew: [00:06:39] I'm glad you put both of the parents in there. I was watching one of those award speeches and everyone only think their mother, either there's a lot of deadbeat dads out there, or the poor guys are getting zero credit for helping raise their Hollywood superstars. also along with that Kiana Reeves was at that awards and he was the only person who actually brought his mother.

So on top of that, everybody else is a liar, but just an aside. So to the hot seat question, And to answer what you asked. I've also read a lot. There's been a lot of books in my life and a lot of them are, self-development, self-help books and I've retained a lot of them, that information, that said I've also been really lucky and had a lot of successful and qualified people take an interest in me and bring me under their wing.

And I've gotten a lot of advice and good tips and just good examples from those kinds of people that have surrounded me. All of their advice paired with a number of years, helping run a startup and an incredible amount of failures on my part have helped shape me into a pretty useful resource for people.

So I guess the short answer is I'm incredibly blessed with being surrounded by a lot of better people. I'm also a great listener and I've been even better at learning from all of them.

Daniel: [00:07:54] I've always heard. You should let other people tell you that you're a good listener.

Andrew: [00:07:58] You're probably correct on that.

But you asked.

Daniel: [00:08:07] And speaking of superstars, I've got to give a shout out to Kobe. The guy was a huge inspiration for some of the mindsets that we want to cover here. I don't know if a lot of people know this, but Kobe actually wore the number 24 partially because he wanted to remind himself. Every day that each 24 hours is a new day and that day is the most important day.

What's crazy is that between our first draft of this episode in December, and now we've obviously tragically lost Koby and the world is a lot worse for it. but his mindset has proved 100% true. And so we're just trying to do our part, to help others have that same focus.

Andrew: [00:08:46] Yeah. It's pretty wild that, we're over here talking about.

Mortality and somebody that I wouldn't have expected dying died on us like that, not, he was young, it was not something [00:09:00] that should have happened. And he was somebody that was really hustling, but he left a good legacy. So I wouldn't say it a good death, but he definitely had an impact on him.

Daniel: [00:09:08] And that's so true. As tragic as that was. For Kobe. I really believe that he got the most out of each and every day he was able to accomplish so much more because he knew that it was coming. He knew that was coming some point and, he didn't waste any time going after dreams going after goals, really.

Andrew: [00:09:29] Hustling every day. I love that mindset. I didn't know that at about the 24 because, I don't watch much basketball even. I know, but that's a really cool idea. I hear that a lot in the business world, We're all gifted with the same 24 hours. And the only difference is what we do with it.

And that's what we're going for here.

So Daniel, before we wrap this episode up, what would you do differently if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?

Daniel: [00:09:58] hopefully nothing differently. That's the whole point, but no, realistically I think I would take the time to. Spend with loved ones to say some things that. I have in my mind that I don't express I'm really bad at sharing emotions.

It's actually really funny. my sister, Beth, and I was talking about how, whenever our family gets together there, as soon as we leave, everybody sends all these emotional text messages about how much they appreciate ya, appreciate each other. And it's why didn't we just say that when we were together?

So I think if tomorrow was my last day, I'd really have a bigger focus on. The people that have made my life great so far and just make sure that they know it. That's a pretty

Andrew: [00:10:43] great answer. I like it. our challenge to you guys, listening is taking some time this week or this weekend, if that's easier for you and look at your life, look at how you're living and where your mindset is taking you and figure out would you have any regrets if you died tomorrow?

And if you do, what can you do to change it? Thanks for listening today and tune in next time, we'll be talking about commitment. It'll be a three-part series. And specifically our next episode will be about personal commitment and what that is and how to do it. This was episode one of Dead by Tomorrow.