Running A Faster Mile While Looking Good (#65)

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Running fast is cool, and skincare is good for you.

What do these two have in common?

Nothing, really. At least not that we know of. BUT, we're here with the results from our daily skincare challenge, and we're launching into our run a mile more faster challenge (it's a technical term, trust us).

Show Notes:

Skincare Results:

Andrew has a lot of pictures in here, and they're all really terrible, grandpa style selfies. Enjoy!



Workouts To Make You Faster?


Very applicable....

Leaf by Niggle by J.R.R. Tolkein: (Updated Review)

Book cover of Leaf by Niggle
Leaf by Niggle


This didn't actually make it into the podcast episode, though I'd meant to tell Daniel and all you guys about it. This was a really bitter sweet, inspiring novella. And boy do I mean novella in the short sense. I think I read it in roughly 45 mins or less. I had a glass of wine, and the book and wine were finished simaltaneously. But do yourself a favor, pick up a copy.

Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday

Glorious book.


In the end, you have to have the discipline to just do the work.
This book has been ALL I can talk about the last couple of weeks (sorry, everyone who's ran into me in the time period). It's so good.

Geologie - Andrew's Skincare (Review)


It's pretty good. I think the night ream they have on deck is a really strong contender for best product I was using. Their eye cream seemed less effective than Harry's, and the daily moisturizer went on fine, but I found myself using the Jack Black Daily w/SPF more often than not, though that could just be out of habit.




Daniel may disagree, but personally, I strongly believe that strength training helps build your sprinting/mileage time with no negative affects. Here's an interesting article on it. To me, strength training helps prevent injuries, adds explosiveness, builds up posture, and can increase your "engine" on days you're not on the track.

Challenge 9 Journal: Mileage and Training Calendar


Keep up to date with our run times and training!

Episode Transcript

Daniel: [00:00:00] Hi guys, and welcome to the Dead byTomorrow podcast. My name is Daniel Winter, and my co-host is Andrew Monroe. Ineach episode, Andrew and I will explore topics that you should think aboutbefore you die. We encourage you to remember that some tomorrow will be yourlast, so each day could be your final chance to really live

Andrew: Well, helloeveryone. Welcome back. We are as always, thrilled to have everyone here thatis listening, watching, you know, uh, reading, if that's your thing. I'm a bigreader, so it's okay. I'm not judging though, uh, Daniel, my voice areexceptionally. Something. So anyways, we are back with a result from our latestchallenge, the skincare challenge and a new challenge prevent present to youguys.

I've obviously had too much caffeine today and maybe not enoughfood, so bear with me in this episode. Uh, audience and Daniel. Daniel, how youdoing?

Daniel: Good. Iprefer my voice to be described as dolt. Just in case you were, [00:01:00] you were looking for a

Andrew: That's so funny.That's what I was gonna say, actually. Like for reals, I was gonna say dolt andI was like, man, I'm not gonna use that. You know, s a t vocab word, people,you know, think I'm pretentious and I wasn't gonna do it, but dolt was the wordI was going before, before I just, you know, took the cowards path.

Daniel: No, you gottathrow those things out there. Which, speaking of s a t vocab words, have younoticed in rings of power, which if you ask, you know how I'm doing, I've beentuning into a lot of rings of power among other things, but have you noticedthat they're using some fun words? In that show,

Andrew: What do youmean? Like fun is in foreign words or they're using like interesting s a tvocab words?

Daniel: uh, likeinteresting s a t vocab words, like I heard the word draws used in an episodeor two ago, and it just stuck with me.

Andrew: I, I don'tknow. I, again, my pretentious hat is on in. Unless it's a word, I don't know.It [00:02:00] really doesn't trigger for memost of the time. Um, and, and that might be more my lack of presence when I'mwatching tv. I, I'll put that out there.

Daniel: okay, let meask this. Do you, do you watch with subtitles?

Andrew: uh, no, Idon't watch most of the time I don't, but sometimes it does.

It depends on which TV we're on. The TV upstairs has subtitlesalways on it. So if we're upstairs, Yes. Downstairs, no. So it's 50.

Daniel: Yeah, Ithink, I think subtitles enhance the viewing experience when it's a showthat's, Maybe have some fun words and also have plenty of characters wheretheir names are, you know, maybe not the easiest things to remember. Not a lotof phase Irans running around in the world. So,

Andrew: It, itdefinitely helps on pronouns for me, like when I'm watching with subtitlesbecause there's, that's where I get lost a lot of the times, is someone who'llhave a name. I'm like, Oh, it's, it's that guy, and I have all the descriptorsfor this person. I have no idea what their name is.

Daniel: Yeah, I, Ithink the, cuz I [00:03:00] love to keep allthe names straight and everything like that, so the subtitles help and it, itdefinitely also makes some of those fun words that I do not hear every day,stick in my mind a little bit more.

Andrew: That's cool.No, I, I've got nothing against subtitles. I, that was what I grew up watching,honestly, was reading TV because most of the time if I was watching something,you know, compared to like elementary, middle school, even high school, Andrew,I'm living such a great life. Like I would've just been thrilled.

16 year old Andrew sees where I'm at now. He'd be like, How,how? I didn't even know these things were possible, like the size of TVs wehave and like the headphones that connect wirelessly to said TVs or you knowheadsets. Like when I watch tv, and that's what I was talking about. We'd watcha movie or something and if it was something I really wanted to watch.

It was in the living room with the rest of the family, likemaybe watching, but probably doing whatever they were doing. [00:04:00] And if it was a thing I was watching andno one else wanted to watch it, it was turned all the way down on the phonebecause God forbid someone had to listen to my movie whenever they didn't wantto

And so it was either that or I loved Kung Fu movies, which we'vetalked about a lot and all. You can't, you know now, which is almo, almostblasphemous. But you know, I watched all of my stuff, uh, dubbed now. Backthen, I was a purist and everything was subbed. It was, you know, you'rereading the subtitles all day long.

So I'm all about subtitles. Also keeps those reading skillssharp, you know?

Daniel: For surethey're the best. And we probably just lost, uh, Brett Kenny as a listenersince we've now both endorsed subtitles on the podcast. But that's okay.

Andrew: Oh, Brett,I'm sorry man. It, there's nothing wrong with not having subtitles. You canlive however you want. I just, I like 'em. So, uh, shalom for the record, I'mgonna throw her since, you know, I'll give Brett a teammate here. She hatesthem. Absolutely hates subtitles. Um, there's a lot of movies on Netflix [00:05:00] wanna watch that are not English, and shewon't watch 'em because they, even the dub versions that don't match up and sherefuses to do subtitles.

So, I'm like, You can't have both worlds. She's like, Yeah, Ijust won't watch it. I was like, No, that's, that's not the option. I want towatch this. And she's like, No, no. Uh, I don't like it when the lips don'tmatch and I'm not doing subtitles, . So, So yeah, I need a new, uh, need a new moviewatching partner. If there's any takers out there, um, you're welcome to myhouse.

I have wine and popcorn. Okay. We have gone down a

Daniel: in theneighborhood, Andrew, I'd take you up on it, but, uh, that's a whole nothersubject.

Andrew: Yeah, one ofthese days. Okay. Uh, that little caffeine thing I was talking about is reallykicking in. I'm sorry about that again, guys, we're five minutes deep and wehaven't even told you how the skincare challenge went. My apologies. Daniel, Iwanna hear your side cuz I, I felt pretty good about it, but I feel like we'regonna have differing opinions here.

Daniel: Okay. And Ifeel like a lot of times when you, you feel that way,

Andrew: I'm [00:06:00] always wrong. I

Daniel: Yeah. . Yeah.It's, it's, I like to catch you by surprise on the things that. Vehementlydisagree with you

Andrew: it's theguarantees where I'm like, Daniel would obviously back me up. You're like,Absolutely not. I'm like, Oh man.

Daniel: Um, so I,I've really enjoyed the routine and I've been pretty faithful to it. So what Iended up doing, I think I talked about it in our launch episode, is there isthis, uh, skincare line called Tea Hanley. Uh, I think it was, it was a littlebit before we did the challenge actually. So the timing worked out kind ofgreat.

Um, they gave a little promotion box to all of the a UDLplayers, so I got this little skincare box. I had face wash, had like an AMmoisturizer, had a little, you know, wash face, wash towel. Um, and I was like,Oh, this is kind of cool. I've never really done a routine before, but I likemy skin, so. Sure. And then we did the skin chair skin care [00:07:00] challenge.

And I decided, all right, I've already got a little bit oftheir product. Let me just go ahead and do a little quiz thing and get a littlebit more. So I ended up getting a PM moisturizer and a scrub on top of that.And so I've been pretty consistent with doing the face wash each morning, eachevening, doing the moisturizers, doing the, uh, face scrub two times a week.

Um, if you were to ask me, does my. Look all that different. Idon't know if it really looks all that different, but, um, I haven't had any,haven't had any blemishes really. And my skin feels good. Um, so yeah, I've,I've enjoyed the process. It makes me feel good about myself and I'm sure likedown the road, having that extra basically daily sunscreen will probably, uh,start to make a difference.

Andrew: It must be sohard to be blessed with such [00:08:00]charming looks.

Daniel: I do havegood skin aside. I have big pores in my nose, aside from that, pretty goodskin. But I, I do think a routine like this can help to make that last longer,and especially with as much as I'm in the sun, it, it's worthwhile for.

Andrew: Yeah, this,And honestly, that's one of the things with this, this is one of those thingsthat you see the benefits five or 10 or 15 years down the road and we're like,Hey, we're all 40 or 50 years old. And it's like, man, Andrew's looking reallywrinkly comparatively, and he's not nearly in this one as much. Um, and that's,that's where I thought we might diverge, but that was proven wrong. I think youjust enjoy that. Uh, I was thinking you were. You know, Oh, it, you know, Ididn't change any looks. So it, you know, not the best thing ever. But, um,yeah, I didn't, I didn't notice any necessarily, like, uh, aestheticdifferences would be the word [00:09:00] I'mlooking for.

Like, that didn't see any really big changes except for. I'llgive the eye cream. It was pretty fast acting. I had a little under eye creamfrom Harry's of all places. I was at Target because, you know, target's aweekly thing in this household and they had this little $5, $6, uh, eye cream.Um, probably the day after we recorded.

I was like, Yeah, you know what? Why not? So I grabbed it andit, it actually did make a noticeable difference within probably two or threedays of using it. Um, which I try and sleep like I. Pretty hardcore abouttrying to get sleep, as you know, like for those listening, reading,

Daniel: Yeah, itstrains our friendship,

Andrew: I know DanielDaniel's like, six hours, I'm fine.

I'm like, Guys, I'm not gonna hang out with you. I need my ninehours. And, uh, tough luck. And I just, I have bags under my eyes all the time.Um, I look, I look kind of rough pretty regularly, so that was actually prettynoticeable. But really what I noticed the most, cause I also felt like I waspretty consistent with this one.

[00:10:00] There was maybelike, Three or four mornings I missed, um, paired with, not like consecutivelywith nights. So I don't think there was a single day that I missed both morningand night. Um, but I probably missed like three of each. Now recording it. Imissed a, a few of them because it's just, I'd put it on, I'd be like, I'm tootired to deal with my phone.

I'd just go to bed, or I'm too busy whenever I wake up and I'drun, which, you know, that's just bad time management on my part. But anyways.Did pretty good, but what really came about that I thought was weird andtelling that this was working was like a thickness to my skin. Does that makesense? Did you notice that?

Daniel: You know,

Andrew: like touchingit with your hands every morning?

Daniel: so you gotplump is what you're saying?

Andrew: Yeah, butlike in a good way. This wasn't like the Andrew had too many donuts, plump.This was like my skin felt. filled out, I guess. Like

Daniel: that's athing for

Andrew: Yeah, likewhenever I was, and it was really when I was putting on [00:11:00] the, uh, it was either washing my face in the morningwhen I'd be putting on like the moisturizer sunscreen stuff.

Like normally my head feels kind of papery almost. Um, youknow, I'm like, Daniel, I'm not charmed with these rugged, good looks. Uh, Ihave this paper. You almost feel like. Kind of old scratchy papery field in myskin. And after probably week two, maybe somewhere in the middle of week two, Istarted feeling like almost more substance to my skin.

Like it had like more give to it, less papery. Um, it felt, I,I guess different, like, and it was a noticeable thing where I was like, Oh, isthat me? I'm touching. Oh, okay. Yeah, that's my face. Um, cool. And it wasjust, it was odd. So I've noticed that. It's, it's been something, I don't knowif that is a good thing.

Um, could just be that I have really bad skin and I'm dry toooften and, you know, I'm finally hydrating it. I don't know, but it [00:12:00] was

Daniel: you also, youalso live in Amarillo where there's

Andrew: Lord, thereis that Amarillo is the sand blaster of the South Whew. Uh, we, yeah, we won'teven get into that, but yes, it's, it's rough on my skin.

Daniel: Yeah, forsure. So yeah, overall I, I, I'd say I, I, overall, I'd say it was a, it was aneffective method habit. I would like to continue as a good kind of start to theday. Good wind down. I mean, I, I felt like the whole process was pretty. Easy

Andrew: Well, andyeah,

Daniel: addition.

Andrew: no, very,very little time and honestly, not very expensive. Um, it obviously can getthere, you know, , you can spend some serious money on the skincare stuff, but,But the stuff I was using, I think it cost me like $30, um, maybe less. Uh, itcost me an extra five minutes in the morning, um, maybe [00:13:00] and like two minutes at night.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Afew minutes. I, I think I could maintain my rhythm with like, I don't know,maybe 20 bucks a month in terms of cost.

Andrew: Sure, yeah.Real simple and really easy. Good for you. This was a, a universally win of achallenge. I think

Daniel: no

Andrew: littlecomplaints. Yeah. I don't know. I still got some, some, uh, face wash in myeyes a couple times. Uh, but I just need to learn how to keep my eyes shutlonger, I guess.

Daniel: you're justtoo excited to see your beautiful skin

Andrew: Yeah. I'mlike, what does it look like?

Oh God, you're not done But yeah, I'm just dumb like that, butoh well. Okay. Challenge number two. This is what I'm really excited about.This is probably why I'm hyped up like this, not the skincare. Um, it'sprobably cuz it's Monday and there's video games later, but we have anotherchallenge coming up. [00:14:00] I always tryand push this to Daniel, so I'm not gonna do that this time.

We're gonna be doing a mile improvement, a one mile run, tryand increase that mile time, not the distance. Uh, that would be weird if weincreased a mile distance. Uh, that's physics. Uh, we don't mess with that kindof thing, so we're just increasing how fast we can run that mile. Uh, we talkedabout this on the jumping challenge, Daniel is.

Huge, massive disadvantage when it comes to some of thisphysical stuff because, especially on the cardio front, because I have beenslacking off like nobody's business for a couple years now on it and he's beengrinding work in, so his percentages, uh, to change require massive effort. Sohe is just outta luck on this one cuz it's gonna be real easy for me to add,like, you know, or shave off a minute or two.

I could also add a minute or two. That'd be pretty easy too.

Daniel: talking aboutincreasing your mile time and I'm like, this is gonna be the easiest challengeever, if that's what you're doing.

Andrew: Yeah, I'mgonna increase my mile tone. So I'm gonna go [00:15:00]from about 15 minutes to, I think 20. Um, I'd like, I'd like to see you topthat So, where are you at right now in your mile? How fast is yours?

Daniel: Last recordedmile that I have was for our summer games, and it was six minutes and twoseconds

Andrew: God. That'sfast. That's fast.

Daniel: I would love,love to get it sub five. I don't know if I. Do that within 30 days.

Andrew: whole minute

Daniel: well, so whenI recorded that, that was back in probably June and I've consistently from Juneuntil about three weeks ago, was doing a track workout a week where I wasrunning, you know, two hundreds, four hundreds, eight hundreds, was putting insome distance.

Um, and then had all my Frisbee tournaments and. . My thoughtwhen we were kind of [00:16:00] laying out thisOctober challenge and kind of shooting that goal of being sub five minute, isthat I think my mile time three weeks ago, I probably could have got it in 545, 5 30 or something like that was shaving 30 seconds is still

Andrew: That's achunk, especially at that range

Daniel: Yeah, forsure. But then I went and sprained my ankle on first day of regionals and.Played all of day two pretty hard on it with a sprained ankle. So I had to takethree weeks of, well, I guess maybe it's just been two weeks of, of a lot ofnot moving, which I probably didn't lose that much progress. It's probably justa mental thing, but I'm bummed that I didn't get to take, you know, a week torecoup and then get right back into, you know, maintaining and hopefullypushing it.

So that's, that's kind of what I'm aiming it. Honestly, if Ican get it below five 30, within this month. I'll be pretty happy.

Andrew: That'd be away to go. I mean that's, that's pretty awesome. [00:17:00]30 seconds is still. Chunk, especially after an ankle injury that messes withyour head

Daniel: Yeah.

Andrew: your muscles.

Daniel: Yep.

Andrew: weeks. Idon't know. You're probably safe.

Daniel: yeah. We'll,we'll be good. So what, what are, what's your goal? What are you aiming for?What's your training plan Gonna look?

Andrew: I, Okay, sogoal wise, I need, I'm not sure it'll, I need to do a test probably. I guessit'll be Wednesday. So today is Monday. I've got a lift day tomorrow, and thenI'll probably test on Wednesday to get a baseline. When we did the Junechallenge, I, I worked decently hard at getting that mile time down. Um, but Ithink I, what did I clocking at like an 8 0 3 or something like that. Um, andthat smoked me like, I was dying. So it was about the same timeframe. Same. Youknow, I didn't, it wasn't [00:18:00] thesingular focus of my training for the summer games we did, but that was what Iwas really working at. Was that in the pull ups? Uh, and I had the most time onthe mile time. Cause I think that was our very last challenge, wasn't it?

Daniel: Was oursecond to last you. You got 7 59. You got, you got below eight minutes.

Andrew: Uh, no. Uh,see, Cheated.

Daniel: You cheatedtoo. What is up with your team?

Andrew: Wait, whoelse have my team cheated on that? No, Uh,

Daniel: mile, but

Andrew: no. The,

Daniel: had, we hadcheaters in

Andrew: Yeah,

Daniel: We'll justleave it at that.

Andrew: Yeah, we'llleave it there. No, that was the 7 59 was on the bike.

Daniel: I

Andrew: The seven 50that, that's the change. Cause remember we did the, the mile or the two and ahalf miles on the bike. So my bike time was the 7 59 I think my actual miletime.

Cause I did both. I wanted to see what I was gonna take thehigher of the two. And my actual mile I got was 8 0 3. And so I got. Three andalmost four seconds off for going to the [00:19:00]bike, which honestly hurt more in a physical sense. Like I couldn't, I couldn'tstand, my legs hurt so bad, but cardio wise it was more doable.

The pain just came harder Later. The mile run, I just, it atemy lunch, so at 8 0 3, which sucks. So, um, I do, I I might try and steal yourminute. If I could get it down to seven minutes, that'd be cool. Um, I thinkthat's a tall order at my current weight, but we'll see. Uh, this will be agood excuse to really focus on just getting those hard sprints in and buildingthat mild time up.

And it'll be interval, excuse me, interval training, um,interval training. You know, there's one of your fancy s a t words, if you puta weird accent on it. Um, no, I'll do interval training. Uh, probably hit thetrack, do the, you know, walk the straights, sprint, the curves, or vice versa,really. Um, a lot of that, [00:20:00] probablysome hundreds.

Uh, just the Sunday I started working on some agility training,which I think will help just because my cardio. So poor right now. Uh, I gotwinded doing ladders, so probably a mix of that and I'll, I'll just make a, youknow, more cardio focused. Um, I've got that whoop that I love. funny cause Iwear the whoop and I love getting data from it.

Like, you know, I, I'm comparing walking, uh, we'll call itnaked, you know, walking like a regular person versus walking with a weightvest. Just seeing what that does to my strain. Um, So I have this whoop, andit's really meant for cardio stuff, like, you know, pushing your miles, pushingthe endurance, the intensity, that kind of stuff.

And I love it whenever I actually hit like strangles on it. Butthat's like once every couple of weeks. So, uh, that'll be part of it too, isI'm gonna hopefully use the whoop, um, to keep bouncing up against that ceilingwhere it's like, Hey, this is the point [00:21:00]that you should be training to today. And, you know, if I can hit 80% of mystrain goals on it, I think that'll be really huge cuz that'll really boost myengine up.

At least that's the supposed science behind this loop. We'llsee. I've never really pushed it that hard,

Daniel: Gotcha.

Andrew: yeah, littlemix of data, hopefully a lot of, uh, getting out on the track and just pushingit. This is good weather for it. Good time of year for

Daniel: Oh yeah,that's, that's part of why I wanted to do this challenge. We gonna run a milethis weekend.

Andrew: Sure. I mean,you can run a mile and I will also run, and we can do two, we can do it twoways.

We can do the same distance and I'll just see you in, you know,15 minutes, uh, or

Daniel: find a track

Andrew: yeah, that,that works too. Or you know, we can just both run for six minutes and I'll dohalf a mile while you do yours,

Daniel: We'll find atrack for sure.

Andrew: yeah, we'llget something in this weekend. We're going to the lake this weekend. I wascurious what [00:22:00] Daniel's talking about.We're gonna go run circles around bodies of water, I guess, and casino. Yeah.

Daniel: no, no, no.We're just, it's a trick. That was a trick to get you to come.

Andrew: It's a, it'sa good trick. playing on someone's addiction like that man, you know, this isnot gonna age well if, uh, down the road I ended up gambling something Ishouldn't Like, See, look, Your Honor, he had a problem back in 2022. Hmm.Completely unrelated, but there was a guy who, it was one of those things I waslike, Oh, that's concerning.

Um, he just got put into prison because he, uh, I guessbasically skimmed 220 something million off of Tyson, you know, the meatpeople. Um, which, you know, that's a lot of money, but it's like notnewsworthy in itself, at least to me. The reason he did it was because of hisgambling problem on Stock Futures.

[00:23:00] He had lost . Thatmoney on the futures market was trying to make it back up with his skimming andpaying his debts and such. So I assume he was using margin. Uh, I don't know.But stock futures mayor, commodity futures, in his case, um, I was like, man,

Daniel: Oh, you canlose a lot of money real fast.

Andrew: Yeah, like Icould totally see how he thought this was a good idea and how he got into thatboat.

And that's concerning

Daniel: That isconcerning. I'm worried about you.

Andrew: I was where Iread it, I was like, Hmm, that's not good. it was kind of funny though, justone of those things I was like, you know, That is, uh, that is why people saygambling is bad. As you end up at one of those stories and now you've got 19years in prison. But anyways, that's not running or sprinting.

Are you gonna do anything different? You've got your trackworkouts on Sunday. What are you gonna do? Let me copy your ways. Speed.Demonn.

Daniel: yeah. My, mygoal is to do track workout on Sunday. If still listing Tuesday, Thursday,that's not gonna help. Mile time probably will be a [00:24:00]counterproductive effort, to be honest. Um,

Andrew: Wait, you saylifting's gonna be counterproductive?

Daniel: For a mile. Imean, it, it's probably because this is a time of year where ideally I, I alsowanna lift and put on some weight and I'm not gonna put on weight if I'mrunning a mile. Yeah. I, I don't know that lifting is really all that helpfulfor the mile time at this point. So.

Andrew: I, I feelstrongly that it is just because I read an article one time that said thatquarter squats like super boosted your sprinting powers and therefore your.

Daniel: I mean, my,my problem is not that I cannot sprint fast enough to, to run the mile. I don'tneed to be able to sprint faster. I just need to be able to sprint longer.

Andrew: Hmm. I don'tknow. Did you see the, that challenge? I think it came up back when we werewriting the book, actually. And it was this guy who wanted it, it, I think itwas a CrossFitter, but he. Wanted to [00:25:00]do a 500 pound squat and a five minute mile and 500 pullups or something. Um,all in one day. So he, he trained and that was kind of his, like the point hewas trying to make.

He was like, Hey, There's this whole idea that like you can'tbe really strong in the gym and really fast and really functional, all thisstuff. He's like, It's, it's bs. And he videoed himself doing a five minutemile, the 500 pound squat and whatever the number of pull ups were, it mighthave only been a hundred, whatever it was, it was ridiculous.

and it shows you how good at pulls. So I'm like a hundred, 500.What's the difference? It's all impossible.

Daniel: I mean, I, Ithink it's possible to prove that point, but nothing about him doing that saysthat lifting improved his mile time.

Andrew: That's true.But remember, I'm an optimist. I'm going, I, I think it, I want to hope andbelieve that it did.[00:26:00]

Daniel: You know,

Andrew: maybe I justwanna be like him.

Daniel: We'll, we'llsee. We'll see. I mean, I still, I'm still of the stance that. Yeah, we, we'll,we'll do some research. We'll, we can come back and we can talk about that, butI think the main thing that I intend to do to try to actually reduce my miletime is I'm gonna probably just do 800 repeat repeaters, which suck so bad.

I, uh, I have a, a teammate who was briefly on the track teamat Tech for Running the Mile. Um, And I asked him what he did to train becausehe was a, you know, D one collegiate athlete running the mile, and that's whathe said. He said they ran 800 repeaters and it's essentially you, you run your800 as fast as you can whenever it's time to earn your mile, and then you just [00:27:00] keep going and mentally push yourselfthrough the pain of another 800

Andrew: I don't likethat advice. Not about that. Tell him he's wrong and I'm pretty sure the rightway is a lot of time on the couch. Drinking and sleeping. Maybe some books readabout running fast. It'll help

Daniel: Yeah, I don'tknow about that. , you can do the research there too.

Andrew: I, uh, I justfinished discipline as destiny this morning on my walk with Jasper, and therewas this line at the very end of it that speaks, Cause that's, a lot of peopleare like that, you know, Hey, you know, I'm gonna read about, I'm gonna readhow to run the mile fast.

I'm gonna do my research, I'm going to study the track, I'mgonna find the right shoes. I'm gonna, you know, get the right haircut. I'mgonna take the right supplements. You know, they're, they're gonna find out allthis stuff and do all these things. In the end, you gotta do the work. And thatwas the point of the book.

He's like, you know, [00:28:00]in the end all the, all the study and theory about discipline, It's great.It's, it's cool to plan out your day and to look at all your stuff and, youknow, come up with all these ideas and try and build out this master plan. Butin the end, if you don't sit down and do it, it doesn't count for anything.

So I was just, you know, I was, I felt attacked a little, um, ,but it was, it was good in the end. You just gotta do it, you know, get on thetrack. We gotta run, we've gotta run fast, which is hard for me right now.

Daniel: Just for gum

Andrew: That's aboutmy only hope, man. , that's, that's all I've got left for me. But, yeah. Well,cool. Anything else you wanna add?

Daniel: No, no, I'm,I'm looking forward to all of your progress. This is also me just secretlydoing training methods that help get you in shape to do obstacle course racistnext year.

Andrew: I read that,uh, the Spartan Way [00:29:00] book by JoeDesen and it got me hyped up for another Spartan race. He is an interesting guyand it was a good book too,

Daniel: Yeah, I wannado one real bad

Andrew: /I'm ready.No, and I need it. I need this cardio. So I'm very excited about this challengeand you know, obviously November's gonna be riding months, so we gotta get thatgood physical outta the way before, uh, you know, we get sedentary forChristmas and writing and Thanksgiving and uh, cold weather and you know, mebeing just a chicken from the elements. All right guys. Thank you for dealingwith, uh, Andrew's a d d episode. And Daniel, I appreciate your patience withit as well. Um, we'll see what happens. Uh, this'll be fun. Um, it's gonna hurtand that is the best kind day you can ask for. So until next time, we lookforward to connecting with you soon.

/ [00:30:00]