Make Dat Bread Challenge - Update (#58)

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OK, it may not sound exciting, but this episode we break down a little more on how we're going about our sports betting, option trading, and the nitty gritty of it all.

Show Notes:


Taking $100 and seeing just how much we can turn it into. Technically, anything is on the table, but it looks like we'll be mostly doing some speculative and high risk investments to try to turn our money into a bigger pile.

To follow along with the Make Dat Bread Challenge, find our latest journal on Google Sheets as well!

Sports Betting Bovada (Option 1):


Daniel's platform of choice to try out sports betting. This also seems to be the reddit platform of choice.

Trading/Platform Robinhood (Option 1)


Honestly, these guys are kind of the worst. BUT, they do have a really user friendly interface, and it's pretty easy to "unlock" options. And, it's what we'll both be using. Hop in if you'd like!

Trading/Platform Tastyworks (Option 2)


Highly recommended platform that Andrew may end up trying to play with. Supposed to be pretty good for options trading, and anything is better than supporting Robinhood.

What is Options Trading


Quiver Quantitative


Make Dat Bread Challenge  Journal

Challenge Four: Make Dat Bread

You'll find Daniel and Andrew's journal and charts for how this challenge is going. Feel free to make a copy and do it with us, or just follow along and see if it's worth your time to try. It's REAL fancy.

The challenge of losing money.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi guys, and welcometo the dead by tomorrow podcast. My name is Daniel winter and my co-host isAndrew Monroe in each episode, Andrew and I will explore topics that you shouldthink about before you die. We encourage you to remember that some tomorrow willbe your last, so each day could be your final chance to really.

[00:00:19] Andrew: Well, hello, everyone. Welcome back tothe show. You have missed quite the start to this episode with technicaldifficulties out the wall, but Daniel and I have made it in and we are here foryour entertainment, pleasure and learn. Uh, Daniel, before we get started, Iactually had a request to get more technical.

[00:00:40] Andrew: So I don't know if you've heard thesame thing, but there's a good chance that somewhere in this episode, we mightget technical again. Uh, they're with us. Uh, we listen to what our listenerswant and try and deliver. So Daniel, how's the day going? How's the challenge.Have you ever been enjoying our, make that money challenge

[00:01:00] Daniel: Well, I haven't made any money, so Idon't know if I can say. I've enjoyed it. No, I, I have enjoyed it. It has beenfun. It's caused me to check my phone a little bit more than I normally doplaying around with some of the options stuff it's caused me to pay attentionto more of the playoffs that I normally do, which I, I normally paid prettygood attention to the playoffs, but I.

[00:01:25] Daniel: You know, watched a lot more of thegames and.

[00:01:29] Daniel: it's been interesting, but I can't saythat I've turned any, any profits yet. There were moments just kind of like anytime I gamble in Vegas or whatever. Um, if I could just walk away at my highestmoments, I would always leave a winner, but I never do.

[00:01:50] Andrew: Yeah, that is the problem I run intoas well.

[00:01:57] Daniel: Yeah. How's it been for you? What'slike, I'm, I'm most curious, like, have you actually watched a singlebasketball game that you've been betting on?

[00:02:07] Andrew: no. Which is disappointing. I washoping to get to watch some of them for starters. Why did the maps play solate? What's up with that? What is this? Nine o'clock start time shenanigans.

[00:02:19] Daniel: Well, Dave, they've played the Utahjazz who are in mountain time. They've played the Phoenix suns who are sort oflike amount of time, but they have a weird daylight savings sort of thingbecause Arizona doesn't do daylight savings. And then they are now playinggolden state warriors who are in San Francisco.

[00:02:40] Daniel: So Pacific.

[00:02:47] Andrew: If, I guess, what am I trying to putit here? Not only is their start times difficult for me that has actually beendifficult with this challenge in general, I was really, really hoping that thiswould be a, like a [00:03:00] heavy researchintensive challenge where I kind of got to basics at least on options tradingdown pretty well.

[00:03:06] Andrew: I was hoping to really get to dig inand learn some new stuff and. Get a little bit more research driven on, Ihaven't had the time because they know how that goes, but it has been very,very difficult to carve out that time for the resource that was hoping to dowith this challenge. So that has been disappointing.

[00:03:28] Andrew: It's been just for anybody listening.If you want to make money, at least on sports betting, all you have to do. WhatI'm betting on and then do the opposite of that. That's all. It takes a reallysimple strategy. Daniel, I noticed that you started doing exactly thatrecently. Is that coincidental or am I just that bad at choosing winners?

[00:03:51] Daniel: Oh, coincidental. I am completelybasing. My that's on. What I truly think is going to happen.

[00:04:01] Andrew: I got gotcha. We'll see what happens.I guess I was trying to bet with the, with the bookies, I guess you could sayon at least the sports betting and I've, I've won one of my beds so far. I havewon a single bet for the maps to beat the sons, um, made some decent moneycause I'm going kind of big on that bet.

[00:04:23] Andrew: Really, really wished the parlay bet Iwould've made for Luca would have hit, uh, And this is, I guess, I guess we'lljust go into the technical real quick if you're cool with it. Uh, so first onthe sports betting, um, you have your, what we consider the basics, so you can.Whether or not somebody wins or loses in a game and then it gets a little bitmore granular.

[00:04:46] Andrew: You can bet who's a first quarter orsecond quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter, at least in basketball. And Iassume football, you can do the same thing and then it gets more granular. Andbasically everything you're betting on is based on. What to me, I assume is anarbitrary, uh, consensus on who is maybe not our tray.

[00:05:08] Andrew: They're obviously doing their ownresearch, but there's governing councils somewhere in the background, uh, inVegas that sets the odds on who, who should win versus who should. And that'skind of how the bets are based off of, but you can get into wild bets, whichare like the side bets that the dumb things like you shouldn't do and Vegas,uh, and there's like, You can pick like three or four different things and youhave like really bad odds against them in terms of, you know, you can bet $10and you can make a hundred dollars or $150 to $200 or whatever it is.

[00:05:40] Andrew: So I made one of those parlay beds,Daniel, and I know you saw this cause I sent you the slack about it, but I waslike one point Luke, all he had to do was score like one more point in the massversus sun's game. The only one that I've won and I would've made like $500.Which would have helped a lot [00:06:00]considering I am down negative 75 on sports betting.

[00:06:04] Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Let's, let's just for thesake of kind of overview, um, for, for those jumping in what this month, Andrewand I did was took a hundred dollars and we, I think we originally said we werejust going to do one thing and then we got excited and we're both basicallyplaying around in options, both playing around in sports betting.

[00:06:24] Daniel: The goal is to, you know, see who endsup with the most money. By the end of the month, we both kind of have someindividual goals. And so. Um, at the moment, just to kind of update on standingsome mild. Options balance like money that I could take out and walk away withat the moment. It's just about $60.

[00:06:44] Daniel: So I'm down about 40 and the options.And then in the sports betting.

[00:06:49] Daniel: I'm at $83. So.

[00:06:52] Daniel: down a little bit there as well, I'vebeen using Robinhood for options, been using Bo Vata for, um, for sportsbetting. And that's, that's just kind of like the overall standings. Share Thatand then we can go into some of how we've gotten to where we're at.

[00:07:08] Daniel: So what, what's your, what's yourstanding and those, what are, what are the apps that you're.

[00:07:14] Andrew: That is that's where we should havestarted Daniel. I didn't even think about the platforms we were using. Uh, soin my case, I am $45 on options on $145. Um, Um, negatives only five on thebeds because I had to buy back in at a a hundred dollars. So I'm not doinggreat that I didn't make 25 bucks. Uh, and then I'm also using both Batabecause that's what Daniel's using.

[00:07:47] Andrew: And I looked around and DraftKingscame up. But a lot of people recommend bravado and I tried to find somethingdifferent. I could do something different than what Daniel wasn't be able tocompare notes, but everybody on Reddit and everybody online was saying Nevadawas the one to go with. And I haven't any problems with it.

[00:08:06] Andrew: Uh, I'm sure it was winning. Maybe Iwould notice something where it's like, Hey, I should've worn that, but rightnow it's just amazing. No matter what I'm using

[00:08:16] Daniel: Yeah.

[00:08:17] Andrew: the options. I'm using Robin hood aswell. And it bugs me. I tried really, really hard to get a different optionsplatform for this bed. And I found one that seemed really cool and that I amnot, I am not technical enough to hang with that.

[00:08:33] Andrew: It's called TV works. It's scary touse in hard man. Uh, I'll try and send some screenshots or a video orsomething. Show notes. It's wild in there. Um, just have beef with Robinhood,but oh, well, uh, real quick, because this was the main request. Do you want togive it a shot at explaining what we're talking about when we're talking aboutoptions?

[00:08:55] Andrew: Because sports betting besides thespread and everything like that is pretty. So everybody's [00:09:00] thought about making a bet on that kind ofthing. And betting is generally a pretty easy to understand thing, but optionstrading. Scares a lot of people. Um, and it's a little confusing. So do youwant to try and give your own little rundown?

[00:09:13] Andrew: And if not, I can, uh, hop in, uh,

[00:09:15] Daniel: Well, the thing to keep in mind withoptions. And when we're saying bedding, I think you said bedding, if youdidn't, you should, because we're treating it like a casino. You can, there,there are a lot of ways that you can play with options that is actual realinvestment strategy. And, you know, you can actually.

[00:09:39] Daniel: If you are disciplined, and if you'realso coming to the table with a fair amount of money, like there's a goodchance that you can do good things with options, Andrew and I have. Proven tohave either of those things discipline with money or a lot of money. Um,

[00:09:53] Daniel: those kind of go hand in hand. So whenwe're, when we're playing around with options, what Andrew and I typically aredoing, and if you're doing anything else, other than this, you can jump inafterwards, but we're kind of playing around with the most basic principle andoptions, which is buying calls or buying puts.

[00:10:13] Daniel: And so what that means is, uh, One ofthe, one of the calls that I bought was a Walmart. So I basically said, I thinkWalmart is going to increase in their, their stock value. And so what I do is Ican buy a call and I don't even remember what Walmart stock was and I'll haveit pulled up in front of me right now.

[00:10:37] Daniel: But we're just going to, for the sakeof argument, say, you know, I'm buying a call for $50. Walmart right now is$40. And so I'm saying. That I, I think Walmart is going to increase in valueand I'm buying a call at that's going to expire at a certain date. And ifWalmart actually ends up going above that value, then I stand to make a wholelot of money.

[00:11:06] Daniel: Cause I'm kind of, I'm sort of settinga strike at $50, which means that if it actually ends up being 62, Itheoretically have the right to buy a hundred shares at this lower dollarvalue, which means I would automatically make money. So Andrew and I are doingis we're. We're not actually exercising these calls to these posts.

[00:11:29] Daniel: We're not actually buying the ahundred dollars or a hundred stocks. Um, whenever it's time to exercise thatwe're. We're selling it to somebody that actually wants to do that and we'retaking some money for it. And then the put is, you know, it's just theopposite. It's saying, Hey, I think Walmart is going to actually drop in valueso I can buy a put at, you know, if I buy it at $40 in Walmart, you know,currently at $45, then it drops down to like 35 or something like that.

[00:11:59] Daniel: [00:12:00]Then I'm sort of locking in the ability to sell that stock at the higher priceat the price that I. In there for the, for the put. Um, and so that's kind ofhow you make money on that. And that's the basics. There's a lot that kind ofgoes into it with, you know, if a lot of people are buying and selling, itmakes it more volatile, volatile.

[00:12:23] Daniel: So it, uh, means that the stock has togo up more for you to make money on your calls. It has to drop more for you tomake money on your puts. Um, and so it's not just like straight one to one, butthat's. Basically what we're doing is trying to sort of guess, and we could dosome research and we kind of say, okay, well, you know, I think that people areoverreacting to all of the Elon Musk and Tesla and Twitter and all that sort ofstuff.

[00:12:53] Daniel: And like the stock prices dropping. SoI'm going to buy a call cause I think it's going to come back to them. I thinkit's overreacting. Um, You can make some money on that or you could be deadwrong and you could just lose money. That's the other thing that's importantabout options is if we, so let's say I buy a call that expires on, uh, fivetwenty six.

[00:13:14] Daniel: So it expires this coming Friday.Well, If that call doesn't get into the money, which means if the stock has notgone above whatever, the prices that I could in there for the, for the call,then that option just expires and it's worthless and you lose all of yourmoney. So it's not like a stock where you can, even, if the stock value justdips like crazy and you lose money, you can just hold onto the stock until itcomes to.

[00:13:42] Daniel: Options have an expiration. And ifthey don't have value by the time it expires, you just lose out on that money.So that's why it's a little bit more like gambling than true stock. So that'smy high-level overview. There are plenty of articles and things like that. Thatcan certainly better explain it.

[00:14:01] Daniel: And there are. Much better strategiesand what we're describing you can, you know, we're buying these calls and theseputs, you can actually be the person that sells them, which is kind of, sort oflike the inverse. You've got to put up a lot more money in those situations,but I'm selling. I think it's selling puts is actually can be a pretty decentstrategy cause you end up where you can.

[00:14:26] Daniel: Um, you can actually. In the day wholding some stock, even if you basically overpaid for it, um, if you'rewilling to hold it for a longer term of time, it's not quite as risky as we'rejust buying these naked calls and naked puts.

[00:14:45] Andrew: I'm not hurting to refer to his nakedcalls or puts before, but I like it, you know, until everybody I'm doing isplaying naked off.

[00:14:54] Andrew: No, it that's a pretty good overviewof it. Um, it's, [00:15:00] you're basicallymaking the difference per 100 pieces of stock and you get kind of a differencein how that stock moves around. There's a lot of money that can come and go andit's definitely gambling. Uh, I won't even talk about how much money I've wonthe, uh, lost a couple of days later.

[00:15:22] Andrew: Cause I get cocky. Um, it's anembarrassingly high amount, uh, would piss some people off. So it's pretty wildup there. Um, you, if you have actual, um, you know, $25,000 to hit that Troyday trader status that you can sit on. It's almost easy to make money playing options,because you can do really, really quick trades on an option on a stock that'sgoing up.

[00:15:51] Andrew: Um, which unfortunately I'm not doingright now because I don't want to put $25,000 into a Robin hood account. And Ifigured Dan is not doing the same thing cause he's even more money consciousthan I am AKA smarter. We're both playing based within a certain age, right. Orrules that made it a little more difficult for your average.

[00:16:11] Andrew: Average everyday citizen. And it'sreally good. It's good. There are certain lines in place that help people nothurt themselves too much. Um, but at the same time, a lot of them seem kind ofarbitrary. Like, uh, I mean, you can, you can lose a chunk of money justbecause you don't have $25,000 in your account.

[00:16:34] Andrew: Uh, it doesn't really mean anything.Like you can still lose a significant amount of your net worth by. Playingevery other day or whatever it is. So there's some predatory practices that goon it, which Robin had also does their own thing. We're not going to get intoit, but, uh, yeah. So if you need the questions on it, we are not the bestpeople to ask, but our knowledge is free.

[00:16:58] Andrew: So you can reach out and holler at usand Daniel and I can try and give you some tips. Um, we have much smarterfriends in us who also do this kind of thing, so we can always point you intheir direction. So. Just let us know. So all of that said, Daniel, has therebeen any calls or any bets on the sports betting side that you have been like,man, either this really paid off and maybe lost it on the road or is there acertain favorite you've been going for and to add on, because I lack all thequestions all at once.

[00:17:32] Andrew: What is your remaining bit of thestrategy going to do? And is it going to pay way before the.

[00:17:38] Daniel: Yes. I think my, my biggest individualgain on. Options was, um, I think it was packed division. It was like a 50 plus$50 sort of deal. And I needed it. Cause I had done a call on plants here andthey sucked. And [00:18:00] so I was in a spotwhere I was going to lose like 50 or 60 on a plane to your call. It'sActivision kind of saved me on that.

[00:18:08] Daniel: Uh, I started out, started out doingwell with some calls. Walmart hit a good call. Walgreens did Virgin galactic.Um, did it put on Zillow? So I kinda jumped up, you know, made a quick $60 inthe span of like a couple of hours. Um, and now I've just kinda been a littlebit on the decline on the options side of things.

[00:18:31] Daniel: So I've had, um, some things that I'vemade a little bit of money, but right now I'm sitting on a. At and T put in adraft Kings put in draft Kings, just decided to keep climbing up and up and up.And so that's, that's kind of frustrating. So I'm in a spot where I need,neither of them are going to expire within the next week.

[00:18:54] Daniel: I still have a week or two for thingsto come back down and maybe I can come out and sort of salvage those. And thenI'm also. Back with Activision again, I've got another call there and I got aNYCLA call. And so I'm sort of, it's sitting in a spot where I'm hopeful thatif the market, as a whole decides to sort of do a little bit of a rebound andbounce back, then these calls will hit and kind of help buoy me a little bit.

[00:19:24] Daniel: Or if the market decides, you knowwhat, we're going to take a big old turn back down and everything starts todrop again. Then my puts hit and sort of saved me. So I'm struggling a littlebit, but then obviously I could be in a world where neither thing happens andit just sits where it is right now.

[00:19:40] Daniel: And then I end the day with not a lotof money left in the options world, or it could go up. You know, Activision andNicola decide. Yeah, we're not, we're not following the market trend. Theycould just hang out. Uh, vice versa market could go down at and T draft chainscould be like, yeah, we're not following the market trend.

[00:19:59] Daniel: We're going to sit where we're at orgo up. So that's kind of the challenge in it. It's like, so I slated, um, thatI need these specific groups to sort of make changes. But my, my rationalewhere I was at right now is. Um, at and T is just one of those. Like, itdoesn't move a whole ton. And so it's that one is something where I kind offeel like phones.

[00:20:29] Daniel: Like there's not anything bighappening right now. We're still kind of in this world of trying to build out5g infrastructure and all of that, but it's, it's not like a big flashy thingthat's going on. DraftKings. The reason why I tried to go for a put there as ifwe're really moving towards a recession.

[00:20:45] Daniel: People tend to not bet as much money.They tend to hold on to their money a little bit more. Um, but the problem islike, even if that's true, it just, it may not be reflecting quick enough inthe short term. And then, you know, Activision, um, that's one [00:21:00] where video games just also, they, theytend to, even when people don't have as much money, video games are such cheapentertainment.

[00:21:08] Daniel: So as long as they're a good game,Coming out, which Activision tends to release a lot of bangers. Um, then as wemove closer and closer to holiday season, and as things kind of get announcedthis summer that can generate some buzz. And then Nicole had just been goingdown, down, down, down. So I was hoping it was kind of reaching a spot wherewe, we see a little bit of a rebound happening.

[00:21:32] Daniel: So that's where I've been with, with,uh, options. Yeah. What are your strategies, banner? What is some of your bigHeadSpin?

[00:21:41] Andrew: Well, I had two days of roadblocksputs. I think that didn't blew up. Um, and I was pretty cool. I'm a littlejealous of activism acts. I think that's a great call. And this is where it'salmost, this is completely different than what I had been doing for a while. Sowe've been trying to do options for what, over a year.

[00:22:04] Andrew: Now, two years. been going on forawhile, but there's this thing called quiver, quantitative, I believe is thename or something like that. And it had this 30 day trial period. I thought itwould be great for this challenge. So I signed up for there for you, and it'skind of cool because it's this really, really cool.

[00:22:27] Andrew: Wracking on, uh, things as a whole.And so I'm in the back of my head. I've got a thing about hive, mind, AI, whereit's very accurate, um, greater than the whole terms of wisdom and knowledge.However you want to put it. Uh, I'll try and link to the study, not a study, aarticle where they had the Kentucky Derby a few years back and they use thishive-mind AI to.

[00:22:57] Andrew: Determined what the triple crown wasgoing to be. And basically the new dollar bet based on what this, or if theywould've made a $5 bet based on what this hive mind came out with, the results,they, they nailed it for one, they got it a hundred percent correct. And itwould have been like $150,000 win. So there's other stuff like that.

[00:23:14] Andrew: If you. Take a hundred people and youput them in front of a giant jar of m&ms or something. And you ask all ahundred people to guess how many m&ms are in the drawer. Almost everyindividual will get it wrong, but if you take the average of the entire group,it'll almost be exact almost every time. So.

[00:23:33] Andrew: That said I went and hopped on aquiver where it takes those kinds of big numbers. And either looks at, uh,politicians, uh, the Senate, the house Congress, it looks at the big playersthat have historically been very good at insider trading. You know, I mean, uh,On the stock market and

[00:23:53] Daniel: Oh,

[00:23:53] Andrew: says what they're buying.

[00:23:54] Andrew: So it has that. And then the onethat's really interesting that I haven't thought about before, but the do isthey actually [00:24:00] track Twitter. And howmany followers, a company is either gaining or losing. And then based on that,you say, Hey, I'm going to short this company or I'm going to play, I guessit's shorting other way, but you're going to play a call because they gained abunch of followers or you're gonna play a put.

[00:24:15] Andrew: Because they lost a bunch of followersand they, they show the tracking for how well each of these strategies, quoteunquote are doing. And the two Twitter strategies are like 80% up for the year.And even like the Congress people with their insider trading are at, uh, youknow, some of in the negative for the year, most of them are like 20% above,which is just unheard of for even like a.

[00:24:39] Andrew: You know, hedge fund, but whatever,I'm not getting into that. So I'm just following quivers, the short answer,after all of that rant, I am following quiver initiative or quiver,quantitative, whatever they're called. And I'm trying to, whenever I'm going togo make a trade, I say, okay, what is the Twitter momentum versus to saying,okay, I'm gonna make a call.

[00:24:57] Andrew: Oh, the market looks down and let's doa put and it's worked out to an extent. Um, I don't know. Uh, I'm stillpositive on options. So I guess there's that. Either more risky or less risky,it would maybe pay off better. But, uh, that's what I'm doing on the option.That's where a lot of my focus has been in terms of, uh, sports betting.

[00:25:20] Andrew: Not a lot has changed. I have no ideawhat I'm doing there. Uh, I'm, I'm betting on basketball. I think the friendlyopen just started. So I might do some. Uh, bedding and see if I can regain someof the investment that was 15 years of my life. For 10 years of my life, theywere playing tennis and are, maybe gain something out of that.

[00:25:40] Andrew: But I don't know, um, I'm enjoyingbetting on the basketball game. So I'm basically just going off of which playerI know the most about, which is going to either be a Luca or a Steph Curry. Andit's because both of them. Uh, Tara working out in men's health. So that's mybidding strategy is which team has the strongest and most popular player.

[00:26:10] Daniel: the sports betting. I was looking atmy bets and I'm, I'm an even 50 50 on my predictions on teams that win. And sofar, I've just done, you know, betting the spread where, you know, I'm pickinga team to win. And the way the spread works is, you know, if, if the Mavericksare supposed to beat the warriors, then they are like a negative, you know, ifthey're supposed to win by Pfizer, like a negative five and the warriors are aplus five and it basically gives the Mavs.

[00:26:40] Daniel: A little handicap, um, to wherethey're starting kind of behind five points. So if they win by more than five,then you win that bet. They went by less than you actually ended up stilllosing that bet. So that's what I've been doing. And I'm I'm right. 50 50, um,in terms of my accuracy, which if I hadn't [00:27:00]placed any of my bets, I'm actually sitting pretty even money at the moment.

[00:27:03] Daniel: Um, but I've got a couple outstandingbets on today's games. What is, what is your win percentage look like?

[00:27:11] Andrew: Uh, so I actually just checked Bobabecause I was like, oh, I bet on the heat rest of the Celtics last night I havenow one, two out of 12, 13, a bet. So I am. Not doing great. I can't do thatpercentage of my head. Um, but I also checked my Celtic's again and horseshoesand hand grenades. I understand. I can, it doesn't matter, I guess, but I was asingular point away again.

[00:27:51] Andrew: I did a partly but on the heats versusCeltics on that Jimmy Butler, because I kind of recognize the name and I waslike, yeah, this is the most reasonable parlay that, that wasn't, some of themare just. And so I was like, I'm going to bet $10 on Jimmy Butler getting 40points, uh, the heat being the Celtics and something else.

[00:28:11] Andrew: I can't remember what the third thingwas in the parlor, but it was pretty generic. Um, got 39 points instead of 40and everything else hit. And so on, these probably beds all, all three or fouror five parameters have to be met, which is why the odds are so ridiculous.Cause it's like what you're talking about.

[00:28:30] Andrew: I'm getting like a plus 1100 or plus2000, uh, thing to it, which means for every $5 I'm going to get, uh,basically. $500 or something. I can't, I'm not sure exactly. Luckily thatcalculator that tells me what I need whenever I do it. So first Luca and nowJimmy only had to score like one single extra point in my parlay bet would havepaid off that I have one and I'd be up.

[00:28:58] Andrew: I would be well beyond that thousanddollar mark that we talked about at the beginning, which really bugs me becauselike a single point in basketball's not crazy.

[00:29:08] Daniel: Oh, no, not at all,

[00:29:11] Andrew: Two different guys. Everything elsehit. They had to make one free-throw and yeah, missed it. So

[00:29:21] Daniel: but to be

[00:29:21] Andrew: Butler got 39.

[00:29:23] Daniel: it's a big deal to score 40 points ina playoff game. So the fact that he got that close is already like, that's apretty big deal. Yeah. It happens, right? Like it, it definitely does, but it'snot going to be something that happens with any regularity. Lucas averaginglike 30 something points a game.

[00:29:43] Daniel: And that's crazy high

[00:29:46] Andrew: Well, so I've got a parlay for Lucafor tomorrow's game. Uh, I need him to get, uh, the 22nd.

[00:29:55] Daniel: that's

[00:29:55] Andrew: Oh, tonight, today is the 22nd. I, Heyguys, [00:30:00] y'all are good. You'll get tohear the results next step episode, but I've got a $5 parlay. This is a perfectexample. I've got a $5 Parley for Luca to score 35 or more points against, uh,golden state warriors.

[00:30:14] Andrew: He'll have 10 or more assists andhe'll have 13 or more total rebounds. And the rebounds is what really

[00:30:20] Daniel: gosh, Andrew.

[00:30:21] Andrew: Yeah.

[00:30:22] Daniel: That is, if that happens. Ooh, that islike a historically great day. I mean, not maybe not historically great Lucasdoes that stuff, but that's a huge deal.

[00:30:35] Andrew: Well, so in the last part that I made,it was like seven rebounds, um, and eight assist, but it was 40 points. He got39 points. I think he had like half the rebounds he needed, and then he hitthis, uh, So that one I totally missed out on, but for example, of how thisworks, these parlayed bets. So like Daniel said, that's, that's a dumb bet,honestly, but it's five bucks.

[00:31:00] Andrew: I put $5 on, but if it hits, I make$110. So I am, I am not risk averse. It's something like that where I can havesuch a good pay off whenever I'm betting for the Mavs, the way. I liked goingoff to that. And so far it hasn't hit. I get one of these to hit that willhopefully bring me into the higher point.

[00:31:23] Andrew: And this is why I lose these as wellas I make these rationales all the time. And then I walk away with no money. Sothat's my strategy. I'm playing. I'm not really doing anything crazy. Uh, I'msorry. I'm not doing anything crazy on the, the guys, like, you know, Mavs versus,uh, the warriors or, you know, whatever's going on there.

[00:31:45] Andrew: Uh, I'm going kind of spendingprobably $15 on little side bets that each have 1300 or so odd. Um, In the hopethat, you know, one or two hit and I get four or 500, $600. Uh, so far I've hadtwo that were one point away, which really sucked, but, uh, it's really notworking out for me. So I'm bleeding myself dry on the side bets, honestly.

[00:32:10] Andrew: So I would not recommend thatstrategy.

[00:32:13] Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. I, I, for the first game,I'm not just betting on a winner of the game. I'm betting that Reggie Bellocwill score. I think it's, I think he has to hit five threes and then I'll winthat bet. So that's my first venture into a player specific bet.

[00:32:33] Andrew: What were the odds on it? Do youhappen to know

[00:32:36] Daniel: No, I mean, it's. It's like fairlyhigh odds. That'll happen. I'm betting $5. I'll win like three 50

[00:32:47] Andrew: All right. Fingers crossed then.

[00:32:50] Daniel: We're going to wrap that up here. So.To be seen if Andrew or I are actually able [00:33:00]to make that money. I think the standing at the moment is that Andrew is doingokay. and the options world and has had to buy back in and the sports bettingworld. So, um, we, we haven't crunched our numbers to see the net amount andthat I'm kind of in a world where I'm hanging on to options.

[00:33:17] Daniel: It doesn't look great. I'm I'm doingokay with what the sports bets, but neither of us are millionaires yet. So. Wehope you've enjoyed hearing a little bit about just these two different worlds.And at the end of the day, it's, it's been fun. Um, it's, it's been relativelycheap entertainment. That's lasted us for, you know, at this point almost 20days.

[00:33:42] Daniel: Um, Just kind of interesting littlemoments, interesting little conversation. So if nothing else, you know, we'redoing it for the memories. Um, but we appreciate that you guys come and buy. Ifyou want to hear about anything more specific in the episodes, like Andrewmentioned this time around here and more of the, the technical side and optionshit us up.

[00:34:02] Daniel: Let us know if, if you're, um, all inand you're betting the house and the warriors and the mad Celtic seat, whateverit is. And you can kind of want to talk to them. Sports bets. He got in hottakes there. Let us know as well. We'd love to hear from you, but otherwisewe'll, we'll be back here in a couple of weeks to let you know the end resultsand to let you know what our next month challenges as always, we appreciate youcoming by.