Summer Games Finale and Language Challenge (#61)

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Plug in those head phones, the summer games' results are in, and a new challenge has been dropped! Find out how

Show Notes:

Summer Games Results:

This one is simple, yet incredibly challenging.

We have two teams going head to head for our fifth challenge of the year in a physical competition.

Week 1:

Step Count Total (Team Thunderclap Win)

Week 2:

Unbroken Pushups (Team Hush Win)

Week 3:

Best Mile Time (Team Thunderclap Win)

Week 4:

Unrboken Pullups (Team Hush Win)

Tie Breaker:
Plank Cumalitve Score (Team Thunderclap Win)

Team Thundercalp (Overall Winner)

(Daniel, Jason, Jonathan)

If you're curious about the competitors, check out their previous episodes.

See the results journal over here!

Summer Games Results

Language Learning Challenge:

Googl Sheets Journal

Time for a new chart for a new challenge!

We're going to be working on language learning this time around. More useful than pullups? Maybe. Harder? Possibly. Does it matter? Only time will tell.

keep up to date on the latest with us over on google sheets- drop some comments, your favorite words in spanish, or whatever you're feeling!

Pullup Video:

DxT YouTube

It might just be fun to say, but this is one of those books that sticks with you if you're into fitness stuff.



Our favorite language learning app up until this point.



The duolingo killer? Andrew thinks so.

Airtable: Habit Tracking


Andrew's Airtable Fun

One Punch Man Workout


100 sit-ups
100 push-ups
100 squats
10-kilometer run

Murph Workout


The Murph workout is a CrossFit workout where you run one mile, do 100 pull-ups, 200, push-ups, 300 bodyweight squats, and then run another mile while wearing a 20lb vest.

Episode Transcript


[00:00:00] Daniel: Hi guys, and welcome to the dead bytomorrow podcast. My name is Daniel winter and my co-host is Andrew Monroe ineach episode, Andrew and I will explore topics that you should think aboutbefore you die. We encourage you to remember that some tomorrow will be yourlast, so each day could be your final chance to really.

[00:00:20] Andrew: Hello, everyone. Welcome back toted bytomorrow. We are as always thrilled to have you listening in or watching ifyou're one of our two YouTube, uh, viewers, I'm pretty sure that's just me withtwo different accounts, but maybe YouTube smarter than me. So we have. Thesummer games, finale update for you guys.

[00:00:41] Andrew: The end of our fifth challenge for theyear and the start of our next challenge, the kind of sixth slash Julychallenge. We almost had it every month, but we have some overlap. So it's kindof pushed out. So not quite seven for seven, but here we are. Daniel, I alwaysintroduce the challenge. Do you want to introduce the new challenge?

[00:01:02] Andrew: And then we hop into summer games.

[00:01:04] Daniel: Oh, I, I just wanna talk about thesummer games. I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to, you're tryingto avoid the pain that is loss for you.

[00:01:14] Andrew: fine. We'll save the second challengeor the new challenge for the end of the episode. And we'll go straight intothis painful, awful conclusion to the summer games. Go ahead. Let's hear whatyou have to say.

[00:01:32] Daniel: than I expected.

[00:01:39] Andrew: Wow. That's that's some pity I wasn'tready for that hurts.

[00:01:45] Daniel: we joked about tiebreakers and in mymind, I was thinking the whole time, like, we won't have to do a tiebreakerwe'll we'll have an outright win here. Like we week one, the step challenge y'allthrough your best punch. I felt like you stepped, like I Don. 500,000 steps orsomething like that. And it still wasn't enough to overcome the team.

[00:02:07] Daniel: And from there I felt, I felt prettygood about it. Like y'all got pushups, but I don't know. Colton took drugs thatyou gave him in order to let him get enough pushups for y'all to get the winthere. But then the mile y'all just got smoked, like.

[00:02:26] Andrew: dominated.

[00:02:27] Daniel: It was, it was not even close. And socoming into pullups, I, I felt pretty good about it.

[00:02:34] Daniel: I felt like I was gonna get 30 plus Ifelt like Brett would probably match whatever I did. And I, I just felt like,yeah, you and Jason would probably be matched up. And then I was really bankingon Jonathan being, you know, hypercompetitive and just being able to beatColton. I really thought I was gonna finish.

[00:02:55] Daniel: Y'all y'all got us. You got us in thepull up.[00:03:00]

[00:03:01] Andrew: See, I thought from the get go, I waslike, okay, before we started the whole thing, I was like, we're gonna get 'emon the steps because that's something that's just dedication oriented. And Ijust couldn't imagine I was gonna let y'all win steps. I thought I could justtake it by myself and then. Y'all got us on steps, which really hurt. Um, and Iwas almost positive. We're gonna win the pushups and the pull up. So I waspretty confident a tire breaker was gonna happen, but, you know, I actually didworse on the pull ups than I expected to do, but, uh, Brett was just a monster

[00:03:39] Daniel: Yeah.

[00:03:40] Andrew: what it.

[00:03:41] Daniel: Yeah, I'm still, I'm still a littlesad that I didn't ultimately match him. So I ended up with 31, but I ended upwith 33. My intent was that that 31 that I posted, I think was on. Monday,maybe it was pretty early in the week. And so my intent was to do a max restessentially day, do a max the next day.

[00:04:03] Daniel: But what happened in between then isthe deck board that I've been waiting for for literally like two or threemonths finally showed up. And so I spent all of my spare time plugging aroundboards in a hundred degree, summer heat, um, which did not lead to a lot.Recovery. So I ended up not really, not really adding to my total.

[00:04:27] Daniel: I tried the very last day afterplaying a, uh, a pro game, came home after the match went in my garage, triedto see if I could bust out 33, pull ups only got 29. So, yep. Y'all got usthere. Brett. Brett is a beast. Kudos to. He,

[00:04:45] Andrew: How many we actually beat you guysfrom? Because I didn't see Jason's numbers in there. Jason got 12,

[00:04:53] Daniel: he got 11, but I think the real, Ithink the real number actually ended up being six. After we talked to him alittle bit and just clarified some of the, uh, the finer roles.

[00:05:04] Andrew: Oh, well still, I think we only beatyou by just a couple pullups so it wasn't a, it wasn't a thrashing. Well,that's with Jason getting zero, I think. Huh?

[00:05:16] Daniel: Uh, I don't think so. Nah,

[00:05:23] Andrew: Well, I'm not the one to trash, uh,trust at math. So we'll go with 13. We thrashed you so, and. Everybody thatlisten is listening is probably like, well, that sure sounds like a tie. Um, soI guess we need to go into the tie breaker.

[00:05:42] Daniel: Yeah. So we, talked about a fewtiebreaker options. We originally were gonna have our commissioner MichaelMiller give us a tiebreaker option. And the thing that he threw out there, Iwas all for. I think you were all for. The rest of the group responded with avariety [00:06:00] of hell, no gifts. Um, sohis suggestion was that, uh, the fastest team to complete a one punch manworkout would be the winner.

[00:06:11] Daniel: And so it's not like it's not thatcrazy of a workout. I think it's a hundred pushups, a hundred sit ups, ahundred squats and a 10 K run. Is that what it.

[00:06:21] Andrew: I believe that is correct. Yes.

[00:06:23] Daniel: Yeah. So again, nothing tooridiculous. That was Michael's idea. Everybody shot that down. Um, we alsotalked about, there were ideas thrown out there of doing like a memorychallenge or like a, you know, softball throw, which it, I, I get the concept ofit kind of changed things up a little bit, but the whole competition had been.

[00:06:49] Daniel: Physical based fitness based. So feltlike we had to really stick with that for our tiebreaker. And so then you and Italked about two options that could have been potentially cool. Like either ofthem would've been cool. I think so one was doing a Murf relay. So Murf is yourun a mile, you do 300 squats, 200 pushups, 100 pullups and then run anothermile.

[00:07:13] Daniel: And you do it for your best possibletime. And to truly do it, you're supposed to wear a weighted vest. I've neverdone it in a weighted vest. Have you ever done it in a weighted

[00:07:25] Andrew: to, but. I, I don't get it. Maybe I'mjust weaker than my, than I'm willing to accept mentally, but I've, I've gottaway to vest and. Just running a mile and like a 25 pound vest is awful. Andthen pullups, I mean, get out of here. Uh, I could maybe do some pushups. Uh,the squats, the squats always get me because I always think going in, that's gonnabe the easiest thing cause it's just air squats and they destroy me every time.

[00:07:55] Andrew: So I can't imagine what a best woulddo to me. Uh, I am just convinced that. There's something going on. I, my onlything is CrossFit and their weird tipping pullups but like that only explainsaway maybe one of the events and, yeah, I don't know. I'm just, I'm too weak,man. So no. I've done like a mini Murf with like, oh, vest.

[00:08:18] Andrew: And I think I did like maybe like a ahundred yards and then a couple pullups and a couple pushups and a couplesquats. And that, that was it. And I was like, I'm done for the day, for theweek. Really? So no, not, not even close.

[00:08:33] Daniel: Fair enough. Fair enough. Well, ouridea was to make it a relay so that you could switch off team members kind ofgoing throughout the event and still do it for time, which would be reallycool. I think to really pull it off, we would all need to be in the same place.And unfortunately we're not. So we kinda landed with the, the lowest commondenominator, the, the easiest option, which was, uh, to do a plank and the teamwho had the [00:09:00] longest.

[00:09:00] Daniel: Cumulative time planking would be thewinner. And so, so that we could get this episode out. And also because we werekind of creeping into July, we had a, a strict, you had one day to knock itout, which admittedly it's like, you've you just need to carve out. most ofthe, most of Y's case is two minutes.

[00:09:21] Daniel: Uh, just co carve out a coupleminutes. Just go do a plank, take a video of yourself and, and knock it out.So. Going throughout the day was kind of interesting. I, I actually didn't getall of my team's submissions until about 10 45 at night, but we got 'em in, wegot it done.

[00:09:43] Andrew: Wow. Yeah, we, we missed one of them,but it's okay. This was, you know, y'all spanked us. Y'all spanked us at theplank. Uh, even if we would've had all three of us participating at the plank,but it wouldn't have made a difference. Uh, it's just kind of funny looking atit because. We talked about the, we had the four challenges the four weeks orthe four competitions, I guess you could say.

[00:10:07] Andrew: And then the fifth tiebreaker and itwas steps. We were, we were stupid close. I mean, I think you guys beat us by afew thousand. Um, but then the. Pushups. We didn't, you know, it was stillfairly close. We, there wasn't a blowout. The run y'all blew us outta thewater. Um, that hurt and then pull up. I, I guess I still think it was prettyclose.

[00:10:34] Andrew: I think there's something goofy in themath. We'll double check. We'll put in the show notes if I am wrong and it, 13stands we'll leave it, but I'm, I'm pretty sure that it was only like a threeto four. Uh, swing on there. So which Brett being able to get three more thanyou basically gave him five extra pullups than you got.

[00:10:54] Andrew: So four extra pullups than you got. Sothat's kind of handy, I guess. Anyways again, math is tough. I have a headache.We won't go into that route, but I, I don't think it was very far apart. Um, soreally there was only two blowouts and it was you guys on the run and you guyson the plank and everything else.

[00:11:11] Andrew: I. Really close. So that was kindainteresting. Uh, I don't know if it's because me and my team was, were fatteror, uh, the lack of knees makes us bad at planking. I don't know what it was.Um, I it's been four days, three days since the plank and I am still sore. Itried to do some more pullups today at the gym and I had to quit doing pullupsbecause my ads were so sore from my minute and 45 second plank.

[00:11:37] Andrew: And I was just like, This is stupid. Iam so embarrassed. What has happened to my AB strength

[00:11:44] Daniel: Well,

[00:11:45] Andrew: y'all dominated us.

[00:11:47] Daniel: the competition can, can show, showthe areas that, you know, maybe you thought you were doing right. And maybe thereality is you gotta, you gotta get back in the gym and

[00:11:58] Andrew: Oh, [00:12:00]absolutely. Well, that's a hundred percent what, you know, take the two thaty'all blew us out of the water. And I, I won't speak for Colton or bread onthis, but for me, I was like, okay, if we would've before the challenge said,like, okay, Andrew, how, how are you gonna stack up to everybody? Um, I'd belike, oh, you know, generally I can mentally push through a run.

[00:12:20] Andrew: Uh, I can get my mile time pretty goodand same with a plank and blah, blah, blah. And that would've made, uh,theoretical justification on why I should be fine on some of it. And it wasreally humbling and good for me to, you know, come in and, you know, I hit aneight minute mile run and it, man, I. It was rough.

[00:12:43] Andrew: It was rough. I had to come to termswith my maker kind of rough. Uh it was this my last day alive kind of rough So,uh, same with the plank. I was, you know, I finished it up and it was like, Iwas like, wow, that was not great. I, two, two minutes used to be like mystandard set. Like I do three, two minute planks.

[00:13:02] Andrew: Uh, On my AB days. And I was like, I'mprobably not too far from that. Uh, and again, three days later, uh, I had toquit pullups today because my abs hurt so bad just holding myself while I wasdoing a pull up, which that's never happened before. So it was definitely agood experience for me, just on showing some weaknesses that I've been lettingslide that I definitely need to work on.

[00:13:23] Andrew: What about you though? Was thereanything that popped up that you're like, you know, obviously you ran fast, butlike, was it as fast as you wanted or, you know, on the pull up, even keepingup with Brett for the most party beach out on a couple, you know, whatever itis, like, was there anything that you're like, I wish I would've tried harderon that or, you know, I noticed that this really affected me long termafterwards.

[00:13:42] Andrew: Anything that you are looking forwardto, uh, shoring up.

[00:13:48] Daniel: Well, I, I probably won't revisitmaxes in any of these. Like I. Wish that I had run my mile in under sixminutes, um, like Boohoo . Right. Um, and, and I, that may be one as we getinto the cooler months, like post Frisbee season, when I'm done with trackworkouts, I may go back, revisit that one, see if I could do that.

[00:14:15] Daniel: And that's one where if I had had thetime, I think I could have, but I had a tournament that weekend. So I wasn'tabout to go. You know, kill myself on a mile and then play a tournament in ahundred degree weather in Houston, the days after that. Um, so that one, yeah,like that would've been nice. Um, it would've been nice to beat Brett andeither the pullups or the pushups.

[00:14:39] Daniel: So Brett got 66 on the pushups. I got63, he got 33 on the pullups. I got 31. So he beat me by two reps. Both ofthose. I feel like if I had done my kind of original plan on pullups, Iprobably could have [00:15:00] gotten up to 33,but who knows? So, I mean, it's, it's like friendly competition stuff for me.There wasn't anything where I'm just like, oh, I, I thought I was in muchbetter shape than I actually was.

[00:15:12] Daniel: And this isn't like a brag thing, butit's just, again, it's. Maintenance is so much easier than trying to make upfor ground that has been lost. And I don't know, I was talking to Jonathanabout this the other day. I feel like one thing I've been really, reallyfortunate, really blessed in is I haven't had a major injury.

[00:15:38] Daniel: So like I haven't had. Point in timewhere for months and months, I like couldn't run, couldn't lift, couldn't dothings. I've had like little things here or there, but it's taken me outtacommission for like a week or two at a time. So it's just a lot easier to maintainand to, you know, slowly build up to high reps and fast runs and all that kindof.

[00:16:05] Andrew: Now it, that is something that. Is soimportant that I hope a lot of people take away is, you know, choosing yourchoosing lower weight or choosing slower speeds on choosing, taking care ofyour body over the ego lifting or any of that other stuff is so important. Um,it's you could even bring COVID into it.

[00:16:31] Andrew: Like COVID any of the stuff. It.You're talking six to nine months of recovery. If you, you know, have that longhaul COVID, uh, issue, or if you have any injury or a groin injury, like frompersonal experience on the ladder too. I mean, it's like, , it's almost a yearbefore you can get back to where you were.

[00:16:50] Andrew: That's a, not only a year of lostgains, but it's, it's just a. Getting back to square one with a lot of effort.So it's, if you can avoid injuries, if you can make sure you're stretching andproperly recovering and you're listening to your body, um, , you can last a lotlonger and get a lot further than having to hit the reset every couple ofyears, cuz you hurt yourself and you have to go back to square one and rebuildup and hope to not get injured again because once you get that injury, um, the.

[00:17:23] Andrew: I'm not gonna say likelihood, but thechance of re-injury definitely increases dramatically. So, uh, you know,Brett's suffering from that right now. He's, you know, since I've known him,he's spent more time recovering from a knee injury than he's had being able todo anything. it sucks. So it'll definitely mess you up.

[00:17:47] Andrew: Definitely take care of yourself andavoid that kind of stuff. And part of that, that sounds like, Hey, be cautious.Don't push yourself. I think one of the main reasons you have done so well atavoiding [00:18:00] injury is you don't do the,the spin up. Like I do where it's like, oh, kind of sedentary, whatever youwanna call it.

[00:18:06] Andrew: And then you go hard. Um, you areconsistently. Active consistently moving. You're not letting your body lapseinto any solidified positions or, you know, you're not letting yourself kind oftake the easy route on some of these things. I think that's really importantfor that injury prevention. So don't, don't take this as, Hey guys, be easyand, and don't push yourself.

[00:18:32] Andrew: It's push yourself, but put your, youknow, ease onto the gas. Don't just slam it and then hit the brakes. Slam it,hit the brakes. Keep the, keep the foot on the pedal and keep going. I thinkthat's really, really good for you versus, uh, some of the sillier things I dowhere it's like, Hey, let's go play a Frisbee tournament for the first time intwo years, or, you know, whatever it might be.

[00:18:52] Andrew: Let's go from a hundred pounds to 300pounds on squat, just because, and that's not something I did, but like peopledo that kind of thing. Uh, we can warrior stuff, so definitely something tokeep in mind.

[00:19:05] Daniel: Yep. And especially as you get older,, you know, that's, that's another thing to. To keep in mind. Like, I, I kindof laugh. I, I might have told the story at a podcast in the past, but wasplaying a tournament, was a guy who was really struggling to, to keep runningaround. And I was kind of giving him a hard time about it.

[00:19:25] Daniel: And he was like, I just turned 30,blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, I'm 31. Like I don't, I don't wanna hear it.Um, it's it's about the decisions that you make. It is about, you know, notjust kind. Letting yourself go and then saying, oh, okay. Like, I'm gonna, allof a sudden, I'm gonna get back into shape. I'm gonna, you know, reengage it's,you know, just do the, the smaller things, even when you're in an off season tojust maintain.

[00:19:52] Daniel: And like, don't just, don't overindulge in sedentary, or like eating a ton of junk food or these differenttypes of things. Like, listen, listen to your body, figure out the things that.When you, like when you eat a whole bunch of something, that's not good foryou. I bet you don't feel good. And if you work on cutting some of that kind ofstuff out, like you, you see gains in other areas too.

[00:20:17] Daniel: So

[00:20:19] Andrew: No, it that's a hundred percentaccurate.

[00:20:20] Daniel: that's what it is.

[00:20:22] Andrew: Well, no, I mean, that's a greatexample. Like the food, um, that's something I've struggled with where I'mjust, you know, I get bored. I'm, I've driving around and I'm, you know, I'vegot 20 minutes. I'm like, well, I can go get some food and that'd make me feelbetter.

[00:20:36] Andrew: And it's easy, but easy and quick isusually fast food. And so instead of preparing and taking care of. You know,being proactive about it. I'm like, Hey, I'll just grab some canes or grabwhatever's nearby. And I grab that food and I eat it. And what you're talkingabout listening to your body, like, yes, I want it because our bodies aretrained to crave [00:21:00] such things, butafterwards, if I'm actually paying attention and this goes back to a Tim Ferrispodcast, um, I'll try and remember to link it in the show notes.

[00:21:08] Andrew: But if you keep that, like, if youactually. Sit and think like, Hey, how did I feel after I ate that? If you dothat after you eat CAS, you, you know, you feel like trash. Like it's not evenjust like a mental, like, oh man, I ate bad food. It's like, you don't feelgood. At least I don't. And I think most people in the same way, when you havethat super fried saturated fat, um, Bucket of grease, go down.

[00:21:33] Andrew: You, your body kind of rebels. It'slike, Hey, that was not cool. Um, usually we're not paying attention though.Most of us are thinking about what's next, you know, Hey, I ate my food. I'vegotta go back to work or what's next on my list or whatever it is. And you'renot paying attention to what your body's saying.

[00:21:49] Andrew: Same with the injuries. You know, ifyou have bad knees, it's not that you have bad knees. It's your body sayinglike, Hey, I'm compromised when you take care of this. And instead, most of usgo, eh, it hurts, but it doesn't hurt that bad. And you keep pushing, you keeppushing and then you hurt yourself. If you pay attention and listen to yourbody, you can usually do the right thing, uh, either in diet or in exercise.

[00:22:12] Andrew: So definitely listen to your body. Um,it's something I'm working on still. It's hard. It's it is a challenging. Uh,shift in perspective to make for most of us, cuz most of us don't do that on aregular basis. We're not very present with what our body's trying to tell us.So I get it, but highly recommend doing what Daniel's talking about. All right.Let's get off our pedestal here and well, before I just force it. Is thereanything else you want to talk about on the challenge? Are you ready to hop offthe pedestal and jump into challenge number two for this episode, it's actuallychallenge number, uh, six.

[00:22:50] Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm ready. I'mgonna still, I'm gonna wear my, my thunder clap. T-shirt the first time that Isee you for

[00:22:59] Andrew: Oh, I'll, I'll be wearing my team.Hush t-shirt I am proud of how we did. I'm proud of how I did. I'm proud ofColton and Brett. Uh, I think we could have avoided the tiebreaker and beatenyou guys if. Luck was more on our side that first week for the step challenge.I know Colton had a rough start of it. I think if he would've taken it, wewouldn't be having this conversation about playings.

[00:23:23] Andrew: We'd be talking about the three, oneskunk we would've done. So you guys got lucky.

[00:23:29] Daniel: Oh, it's, it's fine. Wear, wear yourhush shirt with pride. I'll wear my thunder clap shirt and we'll do our childLeia chase. And I'll show you just how silly the first two episodes of what wewant truly were

[00:23:42] Andrew: Oh, don't even go there don't even gothere. I will come over there and Darth mall. You , you

[00:23:50] Daniel: No, no. Remember your, your little,your little child layout in this scenario.

[00:23:56] Andrew: know what done it's happening? We'llsee how [00:24:00] this goes. You're gonna endup with a broken pride or something or skull. I don't know which All right,enough threats. We don't want people to think we're that violent. Uh eventhough we might be challenge, number six are July challenge for you and me. Atleast we don't have a group on this one language learning.

[00:24:26] Andrew: This is something we've talked aboutbefore. I'm surprised that. I guess I'm just surprised we haven't done thisyet. And that it hasn't been a more consistent thing in general. Uh, cuz Ihaven't really worked on language skills in a while and that's honestlysomething I really believe people should do.

[00:24:44] Andrew: So when was the last time you workedon Spanish? I assume. And let me take a get shot in the dark before you answerthat. I think we're both gonna be working on Spanish for July. Is that correct?

[00:24:56] Daniel: Yeah, for sure. I actually, up until,uh, middle of June was rocking. 200 something day streak on duo lingo inSpanish.

[00:25:10] Andrew: Nice job. Wait, I am you're, you'rebeating me by, uh, a few hundred days there.

[00:25:20] Daniel: well, the streak has ended I've Ihaven't been consistent since the middle of June, but I was, I was on a goodstreak there for.

[00:25:27] Andrew: so let's talk about that then, becauseI think that is the consistency is important. It's something that I've failedat, um, regularly for decades now. Um, And, you know, let's give somebackground and then we're gonna go to the consistency thing I wanna talked about.So, you know, I have a. Background in learning Spanish on and off sinceelementary school, all the way through freshman year of high school, where Itook my last Spanish course, and then I have a minor in Japanese.

[00:25:54] Andrew: So I did language learning all throughcollege study abroad. I've I've dipped my foot pretty heavily into that pond,but no way have I been even close to fluent in Spanish or Japanese? Um,Japanese, I got kind of close to being pretty decently conversational. In likea childlike manner. Um, but Spanish that just, just doesn't, hasn't been pushedhard enough from my end to actually count for much.

[00:26:24] Andrew: So you did Latin in middle school, butI don't think you did much beyond that,

[00:26:30] Daniel: Uh, yeah, Latin high school. I don'tthink we did languages in middle school that I remember. Um, oh, I,

[00:26:36] Andrew: Oh, I was definitely in Spanish forthree years in middle school.

[00:26:40] Daniel: I did no such thing. I was just inEnglish. I don't know how I got outta that, but yeah, I did Latin in highschool and no languages in college and have just kind of done duo lingobasically since then.

[00:26:59] Andrew: Okay, [00:27:00]so consistency then, because again, I think that's important. You had a 200 daystreak, which is 200 plus day streak, which is honestly pretty amazing. Whatended it? What was your stepping stone stumbling block, I guess is a better wayto put it that knocked you off the streak. And now that we are July 5th, as ofthis recording, You know, what, what happened?

[00:27:22] Andrew: Why did you break and why didn't youget back on

[00:27:27] Daniel: Well, it was going to glacier nationalpark in Montana that broke it because there's no cell service and a huge chunkof that park. So I was. Not on my phone a whole lot. So that, that broke thestreak. I tried the first day to like sneak it in whenever we were sort of intown, but I don't know, it, it wasn't a, as much as I valued the streak, itwasn't enough where I wanted to like sit in the back of the car with Hillarywhile Brett and Angela are driving.

[00:27:55] Daniel: And I'm like, here, . Talking Spanishto myself. So that broke the streak. Um, I haven't hopped back on it yet, cuz Ihave been really focused on building this deck. So I, that's not a great excusebecause I obviously can't go out and work on the deck whenever it's darkoutside. It's not consuming every waking hour.

[00:28:21] Daniel: And, and I haven't like totally fallenoff. I just haven't gotten back into a streak yet. Like. I did a few lessonstoday, so it's not like, you know, complete failure.

[00:28:34] Andrew: gotcha. Okay. So you, you have gottenback on the horse a little bit.

[00:28:37] Daniel: yeah. Yeah.

[00:28:40] Andrew: I gotcha. Well, that's something thatI struggle with. So I was just, I think that's something we all struggle with,you know, maintaining the streak is one thing, but once you break it, beingable to be like, Hey, it's okay. I need, I can get back on. It is it's reallydifficult to kick back over to it. Uh, it's just human

[00:29:01] Daniel: I feel like you usually, yeah. I feellike you usually need some sort of. I don't know, milestone moment or somethinglike that. So that's where I was glad for us to do this challenge, cuz I thinkthat'll kind of kickstart again, getting back onto the horse, so to speak. Um,I don't remember what it was that, you know, roughly 200 days ago from Junereally set my mind of.

[00:29:25] Daniel: Okay. I'm gonna really stick withthis. Um, there was something though, I. I don't remember what it was, but Iknow there was some moment where I was like, I really want to be consistentwith this. And the thing that helps me to be consistent besides having aspecific goal is just using reminders in my phone.

[00:29:44] Daniel: And I've talked to Hillary about thisbefore. I, I think when it comes to building habits and some of these kind ofthings, I feel like people can go a little over the top and get a little bitcrazy. And you all of a sudden have this habit tracker that has. I don't know, [00:30:00] 15 things every day. And it's like allthis rotating stuff and it's just kind of exhausting.

[00:30:03] Daniel: And my approach is whenever it comesto daily to-do list of either habits I'm trying to build or just things that Iwanna make sure I get done for the day. I definitely don't make my list longerthan 10. Um, and I try to space things out and I just try to be real withmyself. So I'll, I'll put things on there as simple as.

[00:30:25] Daniel: Shave my face. do Spanish water, theyard, like read some scripture. Um, so I put pretty basic things on there, butit just helps me to stay on top of it and to not let my mind get consumed with,oh, there's this thing that I wanted to make sure I get done today. Like, Idon't know. It just kind of frees up my head space.

[00:30:49] Andrew: That's interesting. So this is fromwhat you're saying, the way you're saying it. I'd say we heavily diverge onthis front. Um, But the part where you're talking about like only putting,like, you know, up to 10 things is pretty similar. I, I have a overly, maybenot overly complicated, but I have a pretty in depth air table that I use fortracking all that kind of stuff.

[00:31:13] Andrew: Um, but it probably doesn't have,depending on how you slice it more than six or seven things. So. On the daily,like, so the Spanish would be one that if I was, when I made the air table backin January, had been working towards Spanish. That would've been one of mydaily tasks. I would've put into it. Um, right now, Uh, let me see, it's gotwalking the dog.

[00:31:39] Andrew: It has, uh, working out, um, whichI've got actually three different workout columns, which shows where mypriorities are. So I've got a stretching column. Um, if that's not one, I'vegot a cardio column and then I've got a weightlifting column and it's, I don'thave to hit all three of 'em, obviously she's like, Hey, did I do one of thesethree things today?

[00:31:57] Andrew: Uh, I've got a. Uh, protein calm, makesure I'm trying to hit protein goals. I've got a. Mindfulness column and agratitude column where it's like, Hey, did you do your gratitude journal today?So it's like little stuff like that. And then each day I also have like a to-dolist and it's only two, I think I have three or four blanks for it.

[00:32:19] Andrew: And I don't always fill all for it.Sometimes just two or three things. I'm like, Hey, I need to work on thiswebsite today. I need to, you know, publish the podcast today. I need to, uh,Go hang a TV at so, and so's house, something like that. So it's little stufflike that. So, uh, mine's just in a giant database because I'm into that kindof thing.

[00:32:41] Andrew: So I, I do think though, havingsomething built in where it's like, Hey, every day I'm gonna do this is reallyimportant, whatever it is, and it doesn't have to get complicated, you can doit in an. Pen and paper, I'm a huge fan of air table. Uh, apparently a lot ofpeople like notion, which is something we're gonna be playing with at somepoint, but having a tool, whether it [00:33:00]be pen and paper, um, or on the computer, I think is really important,complicated or not.

[00:33:07] Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. My personal advice, bothdoing complicated and not complicated is do something that tends to be moresimple, at least until you kind of get the hang of simple and then you can geta little more complicated because I mean, the, at least for me, the end goal isto. Form a habit to where I don't necessarily even need that reminder anymore.

[00:33:33] Daniel: Like I'm, it's just becomes a part ofmy life and, and what I'm going about and doing every day. So.

[00:33:43] Andrew: Well, and that, that is a great way tolook at it. And that's how a lot of people should be approaching any kind ofhabit change you're looking for. And I'm almost positive. I'm stealingsomething from atomic habits here that I just think is my own original thoughtnow. But, uh, having, having a diet, having an exercise regime, having, youknow, Spanish as part of your daily practice, these aren't things that you saylike, Hey, I'm going to do this until my.

[00:34:10] Andrew: In Spain and then be done like it's,if you're going to pursue something, unless there really is like an end goal,like, Hey, I need to run a marathon because I promise this person to run amarathon with him. So I've gotta work on running every day with this personthat kind of date kind of makes sense, but maybe shouldn't even agree to themarathon if it's not gonna be kind of a longer term, you know, part of who youare whenever you're choosing these kind of habits, you're looking at kinda likethese challenges we're doing, it's something to.

[00:34:39] Andrew: Really think about and say, Hey, isthis something that I wanna do every day or every other day? Or is thissomething that I'm doing just a little sprint of, and it doesn't actuallynecessarily move me forward? You know, if I'm gonna have this reallyexclusionary diet, is that. It's why you, uh, relapse on diets is why the, theregain of weight, whenever people do these extreme diets is so high becausethey aren't taking into account that it's a lifestyle change they're going for.

[00:35:04] Andrew: They're doing a really kind of quickfix. Um, you can't just hit Spanish for two months and be like, Hey, I'm done.That I'm now I now speak Spanish. So really recognizing that the things youwanna be doing need to be long term, you know, walking the dog, uh, my dogJasper should live for a number of years.

[00:35:25] Andrew: Uh, at least 10, maybe longer, uh,Walking him is going to be a part of my daily life for 10 years. That's okayfor me to like, kind of make a goal of, but like at the same time, at somepoint it really should just become part of the routine. Same with the Spanish.I would love for it to become part of the routine where every day at, you know,10:00 AM.

[00:35:47] Andrew: I'm knocking out 15 minutes on dolingo or in this case babble. So I like that. I know I really went off the, offthe rails there on, uh, your little comment, but Hey, that's what we have apodcast for. [00:36:00] All right, real quick.Before we wrap this bad boy up, I assume you're gonna keep using do lingo. Isthat correct?

[00:36:05] Daniel: that is the plan.

[00:36:07] Andrew: Anything else that you're gonna bedoing to check in on this challenge? Any tips for anybody jumping in with us?Anything you wanna share?

[00:36:15] Daniel: I mean, the reality is if, if we'regonna really learn a language, you gotta find some immersion opportunity. Andso I love for that to be the case. I don't know where that opportunity willcome up. There. There is. The lady that I go to church with, that we sometimeshave over for dinner, that she is, uh, bilingual.

[00:36:38] Daniel: She's a, a, uh, a Buila she's aSpanish grandmother. So she would probably talk to

[00:36:45] Andrew: so jealous.

[00:36:48] Daniel: So I may, I may take advantage of, um,You know, whenever I'm picking her up for church or whatever, trying to say,like, Hey, can we speak in Spanish a little bit? And she can just laugh at meand say like, no, that's not how you say that.

[00:37:01] Daniel: So there's that I, I think, yeah,doing doo lingo, maybe I may have a, a couple other goals of like, okay, I'mgonna try to, you know, watch a tele develop and see how well I can followalong with the plot or. I don't know, go to a Spanish website and order myselfsome food using their website, which I could probably do, even if I didn't knowthe language, just using buttons and stuff like that.

[00:37:30] Daniel: So maybe a better challenge would begoing to a, like a really Spanish mix, like Mexican restaurant and trying toorder in Spanish. You got any, got any like little stretch goals for.

[00:37:46] Andrew: Uh, not necessarily, I hadn't thoughttoo far on the stretch goals. I am going to be using a new program and Iactually got it months ago, just on the fly. It's called babble. Uh, had somereally good reviews. I am a marketer's wet dream, and I love things that getmarketed to me. Like more than three times, I'm like, oh, all, all of a sudden,this is now right.

[00:38:09] Andrew: I should buy this. So, uh, Babbel wasone of those ones that enough different. Points of interest showed up on thebabble. And I was like, okay, I'm gonna go download that. So I downloaded it.It was like, Hey, you want premium for the year for like 10 bucks? And I waslike, yeah, why not? So I'm gonna try and use babble.

[00:38:27] Andrew: Uh, and mostly I'm just going to tryand focus on driving up that word count. I'll try and get, I assume there'sgonna be some kind of test at the beginning. Placement on like, Hey, where doyou start? So I'm hoping to get, I'm not really sure. X number of words perday. I'll probably try and figure out what seems reasonable, Google it, maybe,and see how many, maybe five words a day.

[00:38:51] Andrew: Um, man, it's not a ton 30 days, 150words. And we'll see. I think that [00:39:00]that could be good. Um, especially if I get the grammar, obviously thegrammar's the hard part. Any language. So I'm really just gonna try and makesure that I'm consistently improving. Don't have any dead days, don't have anybreaks in the streak, uh, and really try and grind out, you know, 15 minutesplus every day of the babble.

[00:39:18] Andrew: And if it doesn't work out, swap backto do lingo and see where that takes me. Uh, maybe at the end of it, I'll, uh,run away to Mexico and try and fit in So we'll see, but we'll have a, we'llhave an air table up once. Uh, we figure out how to track this better. So bythe time this episode's out, we may or may not have the air table up and somecool charts for you guys to see Daniel and mine growth my growth on Spanish forJuly. And if you wanna hop in, we are always thrilled to have people in.

[00:39:52] Andrew: If you already speak Spanish all thebetter, you can help us out and practice with us. But all right, guys, thankyou guys for tuning in, and we're excited about this one. It's gonna be fun.Uh, this is something Daniel and I have done on and off. So, uh, this will be anice change of pace from the exceptional number of pushups and pullups I wasdoing this last month, uh, which is still probably gonna keep happening.

[00:40:16] Andrew: So it's not like anything's gonnachange on there, but oh, well, so anyways, before I put us all to sleep. Thankyou guys. And we look forward to connecting with y'all.