Money Challenge Finale and Summer Games Begin (#59)

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Let us save you some money lessons after our month of trying to beat the sports betting bookies and the wall street conmen. But even better, it's a new month and a new challenge! Welcome to the June Summer Games episode! We'll not be doing this challenge solo, we've got teams and full on competition going down this summer.

Show Notes:

Summer Games Challenge:

This one is simple, yet incredibly challenging.

We have two teams going head to head for our fifth challenge of the year in a physical competition.

Week 1:

Step Count Total

Week 2:

Unbroken Push ups

Week 3:

Best Mile Time

Week 4:

Unrboken Pull ups

Who's your vote?

Team Thundercalp

(Daniel, Jason, Jonathan)

Team Hush
(Andrew, Bret, Colton)

If you're curious about the competitors, check out their previous episodes.

Learn more and keep up with our charts (like always) over here!

The Naked Warrior:


It might just be fun to say, but this is one of those books that sticks with you if you're into fitness stuff.

Naked Warrior

Step Counter of Choice: Apple Watch

Apple Watch

It's not the newest- but if you're not needing some of the fancier health options, this is the best bang for your buck.

The future is here.

The Team Shirts

Printful & Subtle Nerd

We made our shirts in printful, the same place Andrew hosts his P.O.D. nerd clothing shop on.

Here's the designs

Holding Options Overnight


Ninja Archer (Song)


This song, as the kids say, SLAPS.

Make Dat Bread Challenge:  Results

Challenge Four: Make Dat Bread

Taking $100 and seeing just how much we can turn it into. Technically, anything is on the table, but it looks like we'll be mostly doing some speculative and high risk investments to try to turn our money into a bigger pile.

Money, baby.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00]Daniel: Hi guys, and welcome to the dead bytomorrow podcast. My name is Daniel winter and my co-host is Andrew Monroe ineach episode, Andrew and I will explore topics that you should think aboutbefore you die. We encourage you to remember that some tomorrow will be yourlast, so each day could be your final chance to really.

[00:00:19] Andrew: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to deadby tomorrow. Where as always thrilled to have you in we're here with us. Uh, wejust finished. R may slash make that money challenge. Uh, it was pretty fun.it's been a good time. So we're going to go over that over in this episode. Andthen we also have our next challenge coming up, which I don't know aboutDaniel, but I'm pretty dang excited about, I think Daniel is too.

[00:00:45] Andrew: We've been going back and forth on itfor a hot minute, last few days. So let's jump right into it. Daniel, how'd youdo with the challenge? Give me the skinny on what you learned and what the endresults were for.

[00:00:58] Daniel: I don't know if I learned a ton ofthings. I, I guess I technically learned what. It means to bet the spread andsome of the rationale behind that, we, we talked a little bit about that lasttime around, um, I guess the numbers tell me that I'm better at sports betting thanoptions betting. , but that's probably only limited to the MBA and the stockmarket has been just a hot dumpster fire, which, you know, I, I guess I couldhave played puts better for.

[00:01:28] Daniel: that, but the puts are actually where.

[00:01:31] Daniel: More money than, than anything else.So finishing out the month, I ended up up about $30 in the sports bettingworld. So, you know, a positive 30% and then ended up down about $75 in theoptions world. So I didn't lose all of my money. I didn't have to buy back in,but I did not overall come out profit. How'd you turn out.

[00:02:01] Andrew: So I did have to buy back in on thesports betting. Um, and it's funny. So this was one of those challenges, Ithink you and I were actually off by a couple days. I think you startedbasically, as soon as we finished the two episodes ago, I think you hit theground running. And then I waited for whatever reason, like three or four daysto start the challenge.

[00:02:22] Andrew: So we were like, Four days off, Ithink on starting and therefore ending, if I would have ended when you ended, Iwould have been like $300 up. And I would have said at the time that I failedsuccessfully at this challenge, because I was really, really wanting to dig alot deeper into how. Like reading candlestick charts we talked about and justreally get a better financial background on it.

[00:02:51] Andrew: Learn a lot about sports betting and,you know, learn some strategies. I really wanted it to be more educational thannot, um, did not get to do that, but I was, uh, whenever [00:03:00] you finished the challenge, like 300 andsomething dollars up, and then the next two days, uh, came through and I wasreally trying to stretch it, to get that thousand dollar mark I wanted to get.

[00:03:10] Andrew: And so it took some really. Heavylosses, uh, trying to really multiply that money. And so I ended up technically$31 a head. So I made $1 a day almost, which I could have just not gottencoffee, like four or five days. And made the same amount of money, which Idefinitely did not do. I had coffee every day, this month.

[00:03:31] Andrew: So, um, did not learn anything on thatfront. Uh, I did make a couple of hail Mary bets at the very end. Uh, they'llpay, hopefully pay off tomorrow on the last NBA game will probably be. But, uh,as of the end of the challenge, I went from $300 up to $31 in the last threedays. So that really stunk. It was good.

[00:03:54] Andrew: I really enjoyed it. Uh, this was aninteresting time to be in the stock market because we've had some, at leastfrom what I can tell some weird swings, like there were days where I wasplaying poets, killing it. And then. I would just get crushed because the stockmarket would just explode and just, it would go green up the wazoo and I'd belike, all right, let's play some calls and I'd play some calls and I would bekilling it.

[00:04:17] Andrew: And then the market would crash again.Uh, and for instance, on that last, last couple of days, we're talking about aWednesday, Thursday this past week. Um, I had a Netflix and a Lulu lemon putand. I got banned pretty early on from the day trader status while we weredoing this challenge. Cause I thought I was going to swap over to tasty works,which was a really cool platform that I do not understand.

[00:04:42] Andrew: And so I hadn't been really worryingabout Robin hood. Thing where, like you don't have $25,000 in your account, youcan't make more than five day trades. So in this case, you know, buying Loulemon as a put, I would have been able to sell before three o'clock again, andI would have made like $600 on Thursday, I think, Wednesday or Thursday, um,with Lulu and Netflix, uh, they ex well, okay.

[00:05:08] Andrew: They tanked my, my calls exploded.They were like 400% a piece. It was amazing. I was thrilled. They went throughthe roof, but I couldn't sell them because Robin hoods locked me out. I waslike, it's okay. First thing, tomorrow morning, I'm going to sell them. Andthen I'm going to spin around and get the calls.

[00:05:24] Andrew: And so I was like, yeah, oh, this musthave been Thursday morning because the calls didn't work out either. SoThursday morning comes along and market opens and those. 400% return on thoseputs evaporate. It was just gone a Netflix and Lulu shot through the roof. Iwas like, well, dang it. So I sold them for a big loss and then spun around andbought the calls.

[00:05:46] Andrew: And again, I couldn't trade them sameday. So I had to wait until Friday morning to sell the calls. I was like, it'sokay. We'll see what happens. So they both, they went through the roof again.And so I was like, okay, we're we're back. [00:06:00]Even. I was actually up another chunk, like 400 bucks, 500 bucks. I can'tremember.

[00:06:04] Andrew: They, they both just went through theroof and I was like, okay, this makes up for not getting to sell the puts, butit's fine. She's got to wait until tomorrow morning to sell these since Robinhas a jerk. So Friday morning market opened again. They evaporated again, uh,both stocks just crashed to the floor, lost it.

[00:06:24] Andrew: So that's where, uh, that's where allthat money went. It was disappointing and really weird to watch because thosewere some heavy, heavy swings. Um, Lulu had their earnings come out. Uh,Netflix just for no reason, uh, was doing that kind of stuff. Not no reason,but, uh, they, they shouldn't have been moving that much.

[00:06:43] Andrew: So it was pretty interesting. Yeah.Especially for the end of the challenge, but, uh, we got some cool charts. Itlooks like I was doing well. If you look at the charts.

[00:06:53] Daniel: yeah. Yeah. I feel like that's whatI've seen overall with playing options is it is. Uh, critical timing game. Andalso it's one of those, like, you gotta bring enough money to the table to playwith like Netflix and Lulu and apple and some of these, um, because the thingis with, with options, the more, the more volatile the.

[00:07:20] Daniel: The option, the more expensive it canbe. And so the things that are swinging wildly, where you can, all of thesudden be up like $400, generally, there's a little bit of a premium to get anin play that game. And the things that tend to be a little stable and notreally move all that much. Yeah.

[00:07:38] Daniel: It's not as much money to get it inthere and play with them, but you're also not going to like double your moneyin the span of 30 days.

[00:07:45] Andrew: Yeah, a hundred percent. It, itdefinitely is not a cheap game to be able to see those kinds of stuff, uh, movelike that, um, on the sports betting. You and I almost came out, I don't knowwhat you were putting on the line for that last warriors versus heats game thatwe should have had in the bank. But man, I would have, I was going to kill iton the sports betting if they would've won that game.

[00:08:13] Andrew: Uh, I had a whole bunch of stuff goingand we just a couple more points parlays would have paid off. Um, I think Ihad. A chunk, I'm not sure, maybe a hundred dollars, which was a whole had leftin my sports betting, which was, it was a hundred dollars up. So, but I put itall in. Um, it didn't work out. And then I got screwed on the Nadolol gamebecause the other guy forfeit, and apparently that doesn't count as a win.

[00:08:40] Andrew: So I don't know.

[00:08:42] Daniel: Then the doll thing is wild to me.

[00:08:45] Andrew: Not really, that really bugged me forthose check out the chart. I'll give you all the quick highlight. I bet on thedoll beating some guy hadn't heard of it, cause it's an adult. And for those ofyou who don't play tennis or know much about tennis and a doll has beendominant for [00:09:00] years, um, he'sprobably not going to be for a few more years.

[00:09:05] Andrew: Like, he'll start losing some stuff,but right now he is just dominant and he has been for awhile. So he's an easybet. So I bet on him and I made some really weird bets. Like I was like, ohyeah, he's good. When these sets, um, they're all going to be seven to six andI made a second, but I was like, just in case he blows out the warm he's goingto want to set six.

[00:09:24] Andrew: Oh. And then my third was that he winsthe game period and he technically won because the other guy forfeited thefirst two sets were seven, six, um, and then six, six with Nidal about twinseven, six again. So. I technically in my mind should have won all of thembecause in the third set was a forfeit and he won three sets because it's threeout of five and that would have been six.

[00:09:48] Andrew: Oh. And so I don't know how have yousliced it? I should have won some money, but they just canceled everything andjust refunded me like. What I bet, which was really disappointed becausebasically I just got my money back. So that was a bummer, uh, should have beenable to be at least a hundred bucks positive if they would've counted, involveswhen, but oh, well,

[00:10:12] Daniel: Yeah. I feel like that's the thingthat I learned on the sports betting is it's, it's also kind of tough to havebig swings. You've got to stick with it a while, or you got to make some wild,but that's that you get lucky on. Cause I mean, 30%. Not bad. The problem isthat I was only willing to play with a hundred dollars.

[00:10:35] Daniel: If I had been willing to play withlike a thousand dollars, then that'd be pretty cool. Or if I was like some, Iimagined professional sports betters playing with, you know, tens of thousandsof dollars and I'd be pumped to have had a 30% return in the past month.

[00:10:50] Andrew: Yeah. And when you compound that,that's awesome.

[00:10:53] Daniel: Yeah.

[00:10:55] Daniel: but it's one of those, you know, yougotta, you gotta either be willing to put up a lot of money in order to make alot of money or you just got to get really, really lucky.

[00:11:07] Daniel: But these partly that's and the thingabout those is they, there are things. Could happen, but they zero minutes sowell that, you know, you're, you're really paying attention the whole time.Cause it's really close to happening. And then a lot of times it doesn't likethe only player specific that, that I did where I was like, okay, you know,this has like a.

[00:11:31] Daniel: I would triple my bet. If this hitwas, I did one that Steph Curry would get a double, double, and a gamut getsthe Mavs and he was one assist away from going to double, double. So close. Ofcourse, I was like zeroed in on that game. I was super focused cause I'm like,he's right there. He's right there. And.

[00:11:51] Daniel: You know, it was the difference of hekind of tweaked his ankle early in the quarter, you know, missed a few minutesthat he normally would have played. And also towards the end of the game, itkind of [00:12:00] became a little bit more ofa blowout. So he didn't didn't play as many minutes. Didn't get that last.

[00:12:06] Andrew: Isn't it is. I want to S I want to knowwho is setting these. We talked about last stuff. So because it is there withinlike singular happenstance points, it seems, but consistently. Like, if you'relooking at like, Hey, if you don't hit it, they win. If you do hit it, you win.They're that one point away consistently that you don't win.

[00:12:29] Andrew: Like it's, it's like blackjack hittinga 22 over and over and over again. You're like, this doesn't make sense, butthey, they they've got it down. It's bizarre. Uh, so that would actually beprobably one of the main things I learned was one, um, Really, really try notto hold options overnight. Uh, that's been something a lot of people have said,but if you're not playing with a really big money, um, or playing really longon some options, uh, I mean, that's what most people don't do.

[00:13:02] Andrew: Most people with options are playingshorts. So if you're playing the shorts, I don't hold overnight because it justis very unlikely to go your way. And then. On the sports betting do not do theparlay bets. Uh, that that just bled me dry, doing little onesy, twosy, five Zdollar bets on these parlay bets that every single one of them was a loss.

[00:13:30] Andrew: I think I might've won one, but justmind blowing how, uh, how close almost all of them got for me to still lose. Sothere there's statistical analysis is way better than. You were, I can do onour own.

[00:13:45] Daniel: Yeah, no

[00:13:46] Andrew: All right. Is there anything else youwant to cover on the money before we get to what is dying to be let out fromme, which is our fifth challenge.

[00:13:56] Daniel: That's, what's dying to be let out. Iwas worried about what you're going to say there.

[00:14:01] Andrew: I don't want to know what you're goingto. Probably just going to hurt my feelings.

[00:14:06] Daniel: No, let's get into it. Let's let'stalk the summer game.

[00:14:10] Andrew: Okay. It was your idea. Uh, I'm prettysure. So you introduce it, give us the rundown and all, uh, jump in withanything. I think what needs to be added after you're done.

[00:14:21] Daniel: you know, this, this whole thing isjust a classic example of when Andrew and I collaborate and work on something,I think. Summed up most perfectly when I was down the street and I was talkingto Brett and he was telling me about y'all's team name and his wife, Angela wasstanding there and, you know, he needed to give her kind of the full context onwhy.

[00:14:47] Daniel: He's coming up with a team name andall of this. And he was like, okay, well, you know, you remember how we didsome, some like pushup challenges and stuff during COVID? Well, you know, wewere talking about how that might be fun to do [00:15:00]the summer. And then all of a sudden, now we have teams and we have team namesand we have t-shirts and we have trackers and we have like MVPs and all of thiskind of stuff.

[00:15:15] Daniel: You know, it's kind of turned into awhole big thing and hopefully our crew is in for it. Um, cause Andrew and I areway excited, but basically what we're doing is for the month of June, we havefour weeks that we're looking at these different challenges. So we're going todo a step challenge. We're going to do a pushup challenge.

[00:15:39] Daniel: We're going to do a mile timechallenge. We're going to do a pull-up challenge and. Our, uh, our challengesare going to be team-based. So my team it's me and Jason and Jonathan, um, allbeen on the podcast before should be familiar to our listeners. And then Andrewhas a team. So it's Andrew and Brett and Colton which you're, uh, we're alreadyahead.

[00:16:05] Daniel: Cause our whole team has been on thepodcast. I don't think your whole team's been on.

[00:16:08] Andrew: Colton was actually supposed to be onalmost exactly this time last year. And then it just kept falling through, keptfalling through and, and here we are a year later, we just haven't pursued itwith them.

[00:16:19] Daniel: Fair enough. Maybe, maybe we'll gethim to come in and. Uh, make game update. But, um, so those are our teams andthe way that it's going to work is your team. Like for our, our step challenge,we started this week. So every day you, you record, you send a screenshot ofyour steps and whichever team's able to accumulate the most steps by the end ofthe week.

[00:16:41] Daniel: When's the point for the week. And theone nuance that we threw in there is that each one. The team gets to select oneperson to be the captain for the week and their score is doubled. So everybodyhas to be a captain. Um, there'll be one person That get to repeat, but there'sa little bit of strategy on, you know, who, who are you going to pick as yourcaptain?

[00:17:02] Daniel: Who's the other team gonna to pick?Cause we don't reveal them until the start of the week and you lock them in. Sothat's, that's the goal is steps this week. Next week, it's going to be, um,one set max on pushup. Um, the following week as fast as smile time. And thenwe're going to close it out with one set max on polo.

[00:17:25] Andrew: that's pretty broad brush strokes ofit. Uh, just so everybody's aware, basically Daniel and, uh, with my excited,uh, participation we've shanghaied, uh, the group of guys we play video gameswith, and two for the most part play video games with, sorry, Jason, to, uh,doing a challenge with us this time. So we, uh, took her.

[00:17:50] Andrew: Fifth challenge, which is going to bephysical again. Cause we have been trying to, you know, alternate if y'all arekeeping up here. And so we're going to do something physical anyways, and thisis [00:18:00] probably something Daniel and Iwould have done anyways and now it's become some competition and I'm just, itmakes me that much more excited for it.

[00:18:08] Andrew: Honestly, I just, I love it. Wheneverwe got teams going at each other, um, to trash talk. I'm really bad at trashtalk. That'll get there. So it's just a lot more exciting than me. Just, youknow, calling Daniel names as we're competing or challenging each other onsomething in, uh, him blasting me back and me having to go back to my room tocry because I don't have a good comeback.

[00:18:29] Andrew: So hopefully I'll have some supportfrom the guys on this one.

[00:18:33] Daniel: Yeah.

[00:18:33] Daniel: no, I'm, I'm excited. Cause we werekind of talking about. Doing something like when, when fit, that kind of becameall the rage, um, a bunch of us got and you could do weekly step challenges,um, within the app. And we kind of went a little crazy doing these stepchallenges, like. Had the building security called on me several times.

[00:18:53] Daniel: Cause I would just walk up and downour stairwells in the office, um, in between calls and things like that. And sowe were a little crazy on that. Like I mentioned, Brett and Andrew and I didsome COVID challenges with pushups and a few different things like that. And soit's just, it's like Andrew said, it's something that we might be doing anyway,but it's fun to do with other people.

[00:19:15] Daniel: It's kind of a. An accountabilitymeasure. That was one thing that, as we were talking about this Jonathanmentioned, he was like, Hey, you know, it'd be, it'd be cool if we could dosomething. Um, as far as the team goes, cause I'd be a lot more motivated tonot let the team down. And so of course it's fun to do the trash talk.

[00:19:35] Daniel: I really want my team to win. I thinkwe're going to totally win. But even if we don't, if you know, um, Being more activeif Jonathan and Jason are being more active and are able to see some of thatbenefit, like that would be super cool. Like that's my goal is team six pack bythe end of the summer.

[00:19:59] Andrew: That's what y'all's name should havebeen. Uh, also just so I can make sure it shows up in the show notes, uh, thatsong you sent me is going to get me through most of the workouts here, theninja Archer. It was it's just the best. So check the show notes for Andrew'slatest favorite song that Daniel's sent in because it is phenomenal.

[00:20:18] Andrew: Just absolutely amazing. Okay. I wasgoing to ask you, cause you know, we want to talk about what we're going to dofor our challenge and how we're going to accomplish and everything like that.But, and in the fairness of competition, I won't put you on the spot first. So.If you want to give away some secrets after I'm done, feel free, but here'skind of my plan with, and just to recap, we've got steps which started today.

[00:20:43] Andrew: So total chemo step challenges thisweek. And, uh, I'm the captain this week. That's the only one that I thought Imight have a chance of winning, honestly. So there we are. Uh, and it is itnext week is the pushups. And then we've got. The mile [00:21:00]slash bike time for the third week. And then the final week of June, we havethe pull-ups.

[00:21:05] Andrew: My strategy going forward is I'm goingto be obviously walking a lot of gut Jasper who is just an unending battery ofenergy. So might as well take him on some more walks, but while that's going onthis week, I'm going to really start ramping up the pull ups and the pushupsand the runs. And obviously the runs will help my step count and start tryingto.

[00:21:28] Andrew: He had a little bit higher volume.We've talked about it a while back. And I don't even remember which episode itwas, but there's that grease the wheel greased groove mindset from the Russianguy who does all the kettlebell stuff. And he's just crazy where instead ofdoing, you know, like a traditional bro, three by 10 pushups, you know, onehour a day or something like that, whenever you do in chest, um, it's like,Hey, do three or five pushups every hour on the hour.

[00:21:57] Andrew: All the time. And so that's one oftheir big ways to get pull ups in and increase your pull. At times that's likea big, uh, part of the book, um, called the naked warrior, which is what agreat book title, like who doesn't want to be a naked warrior. Okay. That'sprobably redundant. It's probably just me, but I think it's a great title.

[00:22:17] Andrew: So in the naked war, he talks about itand that's one of the ways that the. Advise getting your pull-up game up. SoI'm going to be trying to treat that with the miles and the pushups and thepull ups, and just kinda hopefully be able to recover fast enough and reallycatch up to really you and Bray who are blowing me out of the water on thepull-up game.

[00:22:37] Andrew: And there's just no chance I'mcatching up on the running game, but maybe I can beat Jason and Jonathan.That's the hope.

[00:22:45] Daniel: Yeah.

[00:22:46] Daniel: I mean, that's, that's my, my personalstrategy. That's how I set up our team. Tracker is putting a space in everysingle day, whether it's pull up or push up week or not a space to go in andlog the pushups that you're doing, the pull-ups that you're doing, you know,the miles that you're running the idea with.

[00:23:07] Daniel: Try to encourage, Hey, like do thisstuff now pull ups is probably the most challenging exercise that we're doing.And I was intentional on putting that at the end of the month because I wouldventure a guess that the average person can't do a single pull-up. And so, youknow, I don't know where all of our crew is out on that.

[00:23:32] Daniel: I know, I know where Brett's out onthat. Far far beyond the average human. Um, but I, I don't know whereJonathan's out. I don't know where Jason's out, where Colton's at, um, with thepull up game. And so if they're in a spot where they can't do one right now,well, there's a pretty decent chance that if they spend some time on it, these,you know, three weeks, four weeks leading up until the end of the month,hopefully they can do, you know, at least one or two in.

[00:23:59] Daniel: And that again [00:24:00] would be an. We are team like we want to win. I'm supercompetitive, always, but it would also be really cool if by the end of themonth, Jonathan's like, Hey, I can do, you know, five pull-ups again, I haven'tdone that since high school, or maybe he's already doing five pull-ups and he'sgoing to do 20.

[00:24:20] Daniel: I don't know where everybody's at, butthat, you know, that personal progress would be really.

[00:24:27] Andrew: No, I like it. That's that's the hopemy, so on the pull ups, I'm just going to give some spoilers here. It soundslike Daniel and Brett are both hitting the 25 plus pull-up mark, which isinhuman, just mind-boggling I'm probably closer to the eight to 10 pull uprange. And that's, that's probably being pretty generous with what councilshave pull up near the end.

[00:24:50] Andrew: So I didn't. Not the worst I've been,but it's definitely not the best I've been. So that's something I really wantto up on. Um, pushups. I honestly have no idea where I'm at on the pushups.We've talked about this before. I've hacked on some, some weight. And thatdefinitely affects a lot of body weight exercises, but, uh, we'll see.

[00:25:10] Andrew: And then my runtime is a Bismal. I'mreally excited because I've been telling myself for what a year and a half now,since I was like, Hey, I think I can run again properly. I should really getback into running. And this is to Daniel for the most part. I'm like, Hey, itlooks like I can run on this knee again.

[00:25:24] Andrew: I should probably get doing that. Andthat's been like a year and a half. So I I'm really excited about this channel.For working on the run. And I think that will transition into kind of upping mystuff on the pull-ups and I'm really not worried about the pushups, but Iprobably should be just for the fact that I'm not, but, uh, yeah, I'm excited.

[00:25:41] Andrew: This is exactly the kind of challengeI needed. So I'm pumped. I know. Brett is always excited about physical stuff,because again, he's inhuman and then Colton, this is going to be really goodbecause we were working out together for awhile and I'm not throwing them underthe bus or anything, but we're working out for a while.

[00:26:00] Andrew: And then his job schedule changed alittle bit and he wasn't able to work out with me anymore. And the hope was, orthe plan was he was going to go work out on his own. But from talking withthem, I know that's been quite the struggle. Uh, he has really improved his

[00:26:14] Daniel: stuff on your own.

[00:26:15] Andrew: Oh, it is it's, it's tough. It'sreally hard to be like, Hey, I'm tired and it's been a long day.

[00:26:22] Andrew: Or, you know, I just woke up becauseyou're doing super early stuff and it's like, I'm going to, by myself, go showup somewhere. And I mean, it's almost like going to eat by yourself, which isreally hard for a lot of. But then you're also have to then suffer, likeactually stuff. You're not getting to like, have a nice meal at red lobster byyourself at the bar.

[00:26:41] Andrew: It's like, cool. I'm here. And nowI've got to put in work and motivate myself and not cheat the system and allthat stuff. It's tough. So he's been doing great on his diet from what he said,but I know he's been kind of struggling on showing up on the physical side. SoI think this is going to be great for him too.

[00:26:56] Andrew: So I'm pumped.

[00:26:59] Daniel: Yeah, [00:27:00]I'm looking forward to it. I'm hopeful. It will be. Something we can continuethroughout the summer and, and like always we encourage audience participation.So if you guys are hearing this and you're like, yeah, Um,

[00:27:13] Daniel: I can crush pushups, like send us atext, let us know what, what your one set max is. Let us know what, what you'rerocking on.

[00:27:21] Daniel: Pull-ups if you're your hidden crazymile times rate. If you're not let us know, we'd love to give you a shout outand let you join in on the summer games.

[00:27:33] Andrew: Absolutely. Uh, real quick before weclose this out, uh, we didn't talk about who's team is who's what our teamnames were.

[00:27:42] Daniel: oh, yes. Yeah.

[00:27:44] Daniel: So we are we're teams Thunderclap. Um,that is in honor of our, uh, our friend Kurt it's, you know, maybe a little bitin honor of the whole as well. But mostly, mostly Kurt, which I'm super excitedfor our team shirts. We've got, um, Kurt calling down the lightning of heavenfor a Thunderclap. Um, as a image on the back, I kind of opted for a little bitof the love and thunder color scheme tech scheme, a little bit with the wordingon the shirts.

[00:28:20] Daniel: And so, Yeah.

[00:28:21] Daniel: we're going to work. Defin your teamwith our Thunderclap. So hopefully sets you up there for your.

[00:28:32] Andrew: So when we started, uh, before I, Iguess it was, I don't know if y'all actually picked center clap or not yet, youknow, we're pretty quick to pull that one out. Uh, so props there for y'allquick. Decision-making. We struggled with a team name and we were going to gowith team, no knees because Brett and I have both had destroyed our knees atdifferent points.

[00:28:58] Andrew: Um, and so we were not happy kneepeople there. And then Colton, uh, hasn't actually done. Damage officially inany like medically diagnosed way, but he has bad knees. We've talked about it.He doesn't run because of it. Um, a lot of the times we were in the gymtogether, it was like, yeah, my knees are not going to let me either do this orthat or whatever it was.

[00:29:21] Andrew: So we've, we've got a team of.Needless men. And so we were, oh, needless men would have been a great name todang it. But, uh, we, we decided not to focus on our weaknesses here and wewanted to be the antithesis to the Thunderclap teams. We went with team hush,uh, some of the very intimidating, I think. Um, but that's where we're at teamhush, our shirt.

[00:29:50] Andrew: Admittedly, it's not as cool. I regretthat. And maybe halfway through this, I will make it up to the rest of my teamand get us new shirts. But we just have [00:30:00]like a, I thought it was going to be funny to have like a really traditionalkind of sports looking logo thing. That's like, oh, you obviously played forlike a local soccer team or something, you know, on the shirt.

[00:30:11] Andrew: Uh, this goofy bunch of dudes doingpushups and pull-ups to see who's better. So right. Our team hush, when I'lltry and throw a picture up in the show nights alongside Daniels. Um, maybewe'll get some real pictures of us wearing the shirts and that'll even bebetter to put in the update episode. I know mine are still like a week outbecause Printful, which is the platform.

[00:30:29] Andrew: I think Daniel and I both used to getthe shirts made. It just sometimes takes like three to five or seven days forships or for the shirts to ship because that's what print on demand does.Sometimes if you don't have the design. Pre-created and printed on shirts. I'mnot sure how it works, but yeah, I'm pretty excited about it.

[00:30:50] Andrew: About team hush on the name. I thinkit's going to strike fear into you loud boys as hearts.

[00:31:01] Daniel: Uh, loud boys.

[00:31:03] Andrew: You see the irony there because I'musually the loud one.

[00:31:07] Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. It is ironic. I do have topoint out that your team is, is a reaction to our team. So, I mean, you're,you're already on your back foot from the

[00:31:18] Andrew: Oh, it's a reaction just like nuclear,fission, fusion, nuclear fusion, I think is the one I'm going

[00:31:25] Daniel: Hey, you tried. It's

[00:31:27] Andrew: y'all split an atom, but, but we'rebringing that reactionary process to you. Uh, you guys thought you were aThunderclap, but we're just going to deaden it. There's not going to beanything there, but a little sizzle.

[00:31:43] Andrew: Well, all right, guys, we appreciatey'all sticking in Daniel nine might go at each other for a couple more hoursafter the episode's over. So we won't make you listen to that unless youreally, really want to, you can reach out and we'll shoot you screenshots orsomething, but until then we should have another episode for you updating howthe challenge is actually going sometimes.

[00:32:01] Andrew: Mid June. So keep your eyes peeled,send over your thoughts on push-ups pull-ups running and getting a lot of stepsin and we look forward to connecting with you guys soon. Have a good one.