Summer Games Update and How To Get Freakishly Fit (#60)

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Team Hush and Team Thunderclap are tied up in a battle of the bodies in our latest challenge. We've knocked out the pushup max rep week, and the step count week. Listen in to see how everything has been going, and to learn the secrets of strength according to a couple of average guys.

Show Notes:

Summer Games Challenge:

This one is simple, yet incredibly challenging.

We have two teams going head to head for our fifth challenge of the year in a physical competition.

Week 1:

Step Count Total

Week 2:

Unbroken Push ups

Week 3:

Best Mile Time

Week 4:

Unrboken Pull ups

Who's your vote?

Team Thundercalp

(Daniel, Jason, Jonathan)

Team Hush
(Andrew, Bret, Colton)

If you're curious about the competitors, check out their previous episodes.

Learn more and keep up with our charts (like always) over here!

Glacier Park:


It might just be fun to say, but this is one of those books that sticks with you if you're into fitness stuff.

The Naked Warrior:


It might just be fun to say, but this is one of those books that sticks with you if you're into fitness stuff.

Naked Warrior

Step Counter of Choice: Apple Watch

Apple Watch

It's not the newest- but if you're not needing some of the fancier health options, this is the best bang for your buck.

The future is here.

The Team Shirts

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Pushup Montage


Bunch of boys doing pushups. Doesn't get better than this.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi guys, and welcometo the dead by tomorrow podcast. My name is Daniel winter and my co-host isAndrew Monroe in each episode, Andrew and I will explore topics that you shouldthink about before you die. We encourage you to remember that some tomorrow willbe your last, so each day could be your final chance to really.

[00:00:18] Andrew: Hello, everybody. Welcome back to theshow. We've got an update for you on what is probably one of the best times ofthe year, summer, the summer games. We are halfway through our littlecompetition we've been having. If you listen to the last episode, like we'vebeen talking about all this year, if you haven't listened to the we'll call itthe prime episode related to the challenge.

[00:00:45] Andrew: Probably will help, but, uh, Hey,we'll see. Uh, if you're one of those people that hasn't, maybe you'll enjoythis. So we're halfway through competing, at least Daniel and I against eachother with a couple friends and it is, was spoil alert tied up right now. Solet's jump into it. Daniel, how was your trip?

[00:01:05] Andrew: Uh, I know y'all had pushups on thetrip by. Leaps and bounds, I think, compared to what everybody else did forpushups. but how's the challenge going? How is the trip? How's the summerstarted off.

[00:01:17] Daniel: Summer started off. Well, it's niceand hot in Dallas. Most of the week, it'll be over a hundred, which I'm kind ofcool with. I actually, so the trip you're referring to is I just got back fromglacier national park up in Montana and it was, uh, I think the average tempwas probably in the high fifties, low sixties, which I honestly did not love.

[00:01:43] Daniel: But it was beautiful. Um, the companywas good, so it was, it was a really good trip. Um, yeah, we got some pushupsin Brett and I did, so we got some, uh, scenic footage to go with our pushupmontage video. Um, just like any good eighties movie would have, we kinda madea little bit of a training montage. Um, but the challenge has been going well.

[00:02:07] Daniel: It's, it's been really fun. I, as theperson who sort of laid. What we would do each week. I kind of regret notmaking week two steps instead of week one, since we did a lot of hiking inMontana and it was, it was honestly kind of, kind of tough at the end of the day,be like, okay, we're gonna do, do some pushups.

[00:02:31] Daniel: Um, or in some cases in the middle ofthe day. So my two, um, max pushups, I did, I, I did while on the trip, uh, oneof them was. We were doing a somewhat steep hike in Hillary who is 20 weekspregnant was like, I'm not, I'm not climbing up these steps anymore. And Brettand Angela powered their way up the top.

[00:02:54] Daniel: So we were just kinda hanging out,waiting for them to make their way back down. And I was like, this would be agood chance to get in. Some [00:03:00] push upspread is like killing the, the climb at the moment. So I gotta do somefitness. So that was one push up set attempt. And then. The last one was our,it was after our final hike of the trip and Hillary, again, being 20 weekspregnant, um, was understandably taking, you know, a lot of breaks.

[00:03:24] Daniel: And it was, it was a pretty toughhike. It was actually the worst mosquito infested hike I've ever been on. Andso as we're as we're going, like, I start to hear thunder coming up and I waslike, okay, hill. I know you don't like to be carried, but can you agree toevery time you wanna stop and take a break, you let me princess carry youinstead of you taking a break and I I'll princess carry you until I need to putyou down and then you can walk again.

[00:03:49] Daniel: So

[00:03:50] Andrew: What is a princess? Carrie, are youtalking about like front loaded arms?

[00:03:54] Daniel: yep.

[00:03:55] Andrew: Okay, just making sure we're all onthe same page and there wasn't a cool way to pick up

[00:04:01] Daniel: it is a cool way. It's much, much moreeffective than the sack of potatoes or the piggyback, or, I mean, it's a lotmore exhausting, but it's a lot more comfortable for the lady. So, so we did that.And then at the end of that day, thinking about doing pushups was the lastthing that I wanted to do, but it was the last day to attempt it.

[00:04:23] Daniel: So I did and got my max

[00:04:26] Andrew: You got some good numbers too? 63,right?

[00:04:28] Daniel: 63.

[00:04:30] Andrew: Oh, kicked my butt. So for anybodythat is, hasn't dug into the Google sheet that Daniel did some magic with, likeI thought I was making some cool journals for us. And then Daniel just went hamon the summer games one and blew it out of the. But we so far to update you. Wehad a step challenge week one, uh, team, hush years, truly. And my compatriots,Brett and Colton, uh, lost, unfortunately, uh, despite. Very strong feelingsthat we should have won from my end, but it's how it goes. So we lost, uh, the stepchallenge to the team thunder clap, which is Daniel and Jason and Jonathan. Butwe came back on the pushup contest. So despite Daniel racking up someimpressively high numbers, we were able to E out a win, um, possibly due to

[00:05:28] Daniel: E out y'all y'all crushed it. Like thestep challenge that one was. fairly close, largely to, because Andrew is, uh,you know, very stubborn and was the captain that week and got just tons andtons of steps, but y'all won like, Person to person match up it's as far aslike who led our team? Like if we matched them up numbers wise, y'all swept itacross the board.

[00:05:55] Daniel: Brett got more than me. You got morethan Jason and Colton got [00:06:00] more thanJonathan. You actually, you should pat yourself on the back because in terms ofthat, like match up, you had the best. Differential cause Brett and I werewithin three of each other. Colton and Jonathan were within one. Um, but youkind of kind of dominated Jason.

[00:06:16] Daniel: So I hope he, oh, I hope he hears thisbefore.

[00:06:19] Andrew: honestly. Like

[00:06:21] Daniel: I hope he hears this before the pullup week so that he can, uh, come back and kick your butt.

[00:06:26] Andrew: Well, that will probably happen. Mypull up that's what I was gonna say was like, we've hit my, the two challengesthat I, I was going to do well in. Um, it goes downhill for me, real hard um,after this. So, uh, we're in the middle of our running challenge, which Ihaven't even gotten to get my baseline officially for this week yet, because Ihave just been a wimp, I guess.

[00:06:47] Andrew: Um, when you. Oh, you're a scary man.So we got a, the run this week and then pull ups next week. And I. Speaking ofJason. I know he's gonna smoke probably everyone on our team by himself withthe run along with you. So if we even come close to you guys this week, I willbe impressed. Um, pull up, pull up some, holding out hope.

[00:07:15] Andrew: Mostly that Brett is just gonna smokeeverybody so bad. That will be okay. So like, you know, if you want to take iteasy, Daniel and let Brett get a nice running head start. That would be great.

[00:07:25] Daniel: No, it's, it's gonna come down to therest of the team. I, I think I

[00:07:30] Andrew: Are y'all matched up evenly.

[00:07:32] Daniel: you know, he, he may end up with a fewmore reps than me, kinda like the pushups we'll we'll see, but I

[00:07:38] Andrew: I, I am not above doping Colton againwith too much. Pre-workout uh,

[00:07:45] Daniel: yeah.

[00:07:46] Andrew: That was, uh, that is how we reallywon the pushups was, uh, before Colton and I went to go get our final recordand recording, and hopefully we will have at least a pushup montage in the shownotes for you guys, and we'll be up on YouTube. So, uh, you can at least see abunch of. Old men doing pushups, if that's your thing. So Colton was notplanning on getting a lot of pushups in, in theory, at least I don't think hereally had a baseline besides like. One day, maybe he like dropped down and didsomething. He was like, man, 15 was tough and like called it. Good. so we werea little worried, but I gave him a bunch of pre-workout.

[00:08:25] Andrew: I took a bunch of pre-workout. We gota nice warmup in, um, and then he's, he's a competitive guy. And so there was afair bit of, uh, reinforcement on making sure he got some good numbers and. Hewas able, it just blew me away, but he squeezed out. He really wanted for us,honestly, so that was pretty, pretty great.

[00:08:47] Andrew: But I don't know if that's gonnahappen with pullups pullups are a lot harder to just muscle your way throughsome reps of pullups like there's some very hard walls to get past

[00:08:58] Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, it should be [00:09:00] fun. So we're, uh, We're two full weeks innow, what has, what has been the most fun about kind of doing this challengewith a group? Because obviously we do fitness challenge things all the time,but what has made some of this, I, I guess more fun than maybe the normalfitness routine that you go.

[00:09:28] Andrew: So for me. Probably the first thingthat I liked about it was like steps for me are usually not something I'mafter. and generally when you think step challenge, you think, uh, walkingbecause in terms of ratio and maybe, maybe this is not common knowledge to mostother people, um, having done many step challenges with you and other peoplelike walking is how you get the most steps, like the bang for your buck. butfor me it really kicked me back into running some more. So I was getting likethree or four miles every morning at the gym, and then I was walking a bunch.So just on a personal level, that was really good for me getting some of thatmileage going, getting prepared for this week, uh, as much as I could in such ashort time frame.

[00:10:10] Andrew: Uh, but that was really handy. Uh, itwas also fun because we went to Austin at the end of like the last two days ofthe challenge I was in Austin with Shlomi and. It was hot. Like it it's hotit's June, but because of the challenge, um, not only was I willing, but Shlomiwas like willing to support me in this.

[00:10:31] Andrew: And we walked a lot more than weprobably would have if it wouldn't have been, like, if I didn't have like, Areason to be walking much. You probably would've Ubered a lot more and stayedinside a lot more. And you know, that kind of thing. But because I was tryingto get some extra steps in and trying to make up for, you know, Colton havingtrouble with his schedule that week, uh, I was like going, I was like, Hey,it's just a mile away.

[00:10:54] Andrew: Let's go ahead and walk that. Andshe's like, it's like a hundred degrees sudden. I'm like, it's fine. We'll getice cream at the end. So, uh, and, and that's the thing, it's just like, youknow, the hike you guys were doing and stuff like that. You don't have asstrong of memories, you don't have a strong an experience when you just do theeasiest thing.

[00:11:13] Andrew: Um, if we would've just Ubered to likethe ice cream museum, we went to, and then just Ubered back to the sushi shopafter that. And didn't walk the like six miles, not cumulatively, but like intotal, throughout the day between those two events, it wouldn't have probablystuck in our head as much as a trip as.

[00:11:33] Andrew: It did. So that was pretty cool. Iknow that doesn't have too much to do with Colton, Brett, but, um, it's alsojust fun having a little bit more encouragement, having people. Like countingon you or, you know, we aren't getting to communicate. I don't think as much asyour team is, but that's also because you kid Brett for a week, um, to themountains and Colton was gone for a week before that.

[00:11:54] Andrew: So, uh, our team's communication hasnot been. As strong as it probably should be, but it's still [00:12:00] fun. You know, I hadn't gotten to go tothe gym with Colton in a while. Uh, it was cool. Gave us an excuse to go kindof dirt about at the gym, cuz you know, we were just there to do pushups. So wejust kind of like played around on the bench and did some really light benchpress and did a bunch of pushups and then kind of just like, well we can'treally let's. Only do pushups. So we kind of worked out a little bit, which wehadn't gotten to do in a while and did some more pushups hung out the pool. Uh,we'll see how this week goes. So kind of opens those communication channels.Um, another good thing from it is me stealing one of your teammates. Um, I veryrarely, you know, bug Jason about anything, cuz he's, you know, incredibly busywith, you know, surgery things.

[00:12:37] Andrew: But uh, because we're doing thischallenge, I've gotten to have excuses to annoy him more and. Talk with him andsee how everything's going and, you know, make fun of his pushups and that kindof thing. So that's been nice too, but, uh, it's just fun.

[00:12:52] Daniel: with

[00:12:53] Andrew: No, he didn't send me the video. Uh, Ithink he was mad that I got so many pushups.

[00:12:59] Daniel: you?

[00:12:59] Andrew: no, I don't think he was mad. I thinkhe, uh, he just had, you know, I think that was like the last day, wasn't it?That he did his was Saturday. So I haven't really bugged him much sinceSaturday. It was a busy weekend for me. Ah,

[00:13:13] Daniel: Fair.

[00:13:13] Andrew: busy's not the right word. I was justtired and antisocial and got my pushups in and was just like I'm done for theday. so I would throw the same question back to you. So feel free to answer it,but I also want to leave people with something educational if we can. So. Youhit 63 pushups. Um, your mile time is gonna be sub six 30, probably six minutesand 30 seconds. Um, your steps, I think you kind of, didn't try as hard as youcould have on 'em, but, uh, they were still pretty admirable and obviouslyyou're gonna kill some pullups, you know, in the 25 pull range from my expectedof you.

[00:13:57] Andrew: Those are crazy good numbers acrossthe board. What do you think someone could do to train, to hit the same numbersyou're hitting because you and Brett will be clearing the board on mosteverything, uh, compared to the rest of us. So what have you done that youthink is different, especially compared to like, whenever you and I used totrain together and we didn't hit the same numbers or, you know, like what doyou have?

[00:14:19] Andrew: What is the secret? What do you wannapass on that you've learned from the challenge you might change on yourtraining, anything like that?

[00:14:25] Daniel: Yeah, I think there are a handful ofthings. So if somebody listening right now is like, I don't know, completelybaseline hasn't started working out at all. Hopefully I'll have something foryou. If somebody is listening and has been pretty consistent with working out,maybe I've got something for you. So I think that the, the reason why some ofthose numbers are gonna be high is just because I really haven't stopped doing.[00:15:00] You know, training or, or workingout since high school. Like since we did track workouts together in JB tennis,and I would throw up like every day because I was in terrible shape and wasn'tgood at running, but was too competitive to, to know when to stop. And also, Ithink it was semi lactose into, at night cereal and milk every morning forbreakfast, um, which plays into another one of my points I'll get to.

[00:15:25] Daniel: So that's one thing is just. Beingreally consistent, maintaining fitness is much, much, much easier than gatingin terms of, you know, muscle cardio, all those different types of things. Andso, yeah, like I've been, I've been running, um, whether it was tennis orwhether it was Frisbee or basketball or whatever it is for a really long time.

[00:15:51] Daniel: And I really haven't taken a majorbreak and I haven't had. A major injury, which is a huge blessing. So I haven'thad something that's like taken me out for extended periods of time. Um, sothat's one thing is just sticking with it. And again, if, if you're a youngerlistener, you've got time to do it. If you're an older listener, you might belike, okay, that doesn't necessarily apply.

[00:16:13] Daniel: Like I don't have. 18 years of time tojust chip away at fitness. So I would say another really important aspect ishaving specific goals. So I know there are plenty of people that like, theyjust have a goal to be healthy or to be in shape or to, you know, get a certainphysique or whatever it is. And I just don't think that that goal is specificenough.

[00:16:39] Daniel: Um, it's not tangible enough. Toreally be a meaningful goal. Um, so that's where like signing up for a racewhere you have a target time that you want to hit for a race, or, um, if you'regoing to the gym and you're lifting weights, download an app, download J fit.

[00:17:01] Andrew: Jay fits so

[00:17:02] Daniel: yeah, and actually keep track of yourreps and have a goal to you.

[00:17:08] Daniel: Hit a certain bench press weight bythe end of the year or something like that. Um, having specific goals causesyou to actually push, push yourself. It causes you to actually see that you'remaking progress, or if you're not making progress to again, change up some ofyour team. And then if you wanna supercharge that, um, set.

[00:17:27] Daniel: Goals with other people. And that'swhere these challenges have been really awesome. Cuz we have team goals. Ourgoals right now is, you know, to max out numbers and beat the other team. Andso if I, you know, do my pushups or really, it was like steps. That was a bigone where, you know, we were talking to each other almost every day about whatour steps were and if one of us knocked out a, a big.

[00:17:50] Daniel: You know, a big walk or something likethat. Um, we would send a message about it. And like, when you see like, ohman, Jonathan just knocked out like a three mile walk. And if [00:18:00] I'm, you know, just kind of been sittingthere was thinking about maybe like playing some video games or something likethat. And I see that I'm like, well, shoot.

[00:18:06] Daniel: Like I need to, I need to put in thework too. And that's something, you know, we're doing this challenge, which Ilove because I haven't had the chance to do some of this like group goalfitness with. With this entire group, but you know, playing ultimate Frisbee,that's super common. And our group MES, anytime one of the guys does a trackworkout.

[00:18:27] Daniel: You know, you post it to the group,me, um, you send a selfie and it's a little bit of a way to kind of get a brag.You get the likes, you get that dopamine hit, but it also shows all the rest ofthe guys like, okay, people are putting in the work, like I should put in thework as well. So it's really, really motivating to kind of stay in shape.

[00:18:46] Daniel: and then the last two things, I guessI have two more things I'll say, um, kind of going back to sticking withfitness for a long time. I think just consistency in your routine is important.So again, if you have a goal to hit a bench press or to hit a certain mile timeor whatever it is, like get a workout routine and stick with that routine forweeks and months at a time, like don't.

[00:19:15] Daniel: Reinvent your routine every time yougo to the gym. I just think that that tends to lead to, um, I don't know, it'sjust harder to, to have consistency with those gains. And so, you know, Andrew,you mentioned that we had worked out before and like, Wasn't hitting the numbersthat I've kind of been able to hit now.

[00:19:37] Daniel: And I feel like as much as I've lovedour workouts and I still love our workouts where I come into town and we justkind of hit random stuff. I do feel like we tended to be a little bit more randomwith our approach versus when Brett and I lift it's we do the same lifts

[00:19:52] Andrew: Meat and potatoes.

[00:19:54] Daniel: we're going.

[00:19:54] Daniel: Yeah. And, um,

[00:19:56] Andrew: Exactly. No, you're

[00:19:57] Daniel: for like two years and like my. Mybench, like I never thought I'd be able to bench 200 plus pounds. I can do thatnow. Like, I didn't think I was gonna be able to squat 300 plus pounds, ordefinitely not deadlift that, but it's just doing those things consistently.

[00:20:14] Daniel: And same thing with pullups do pullupsafter every single workout so

[00:20:19] Andrew: I, I ran into another one of ourguests, Austin the other day. And I mean, he's closing it on Brett numbers forhis lifts and.

[00:20:29] Daniel: Um,

[00:20:30] Andrew: That's what he said. He was like, Ijust, you know, I'm looking at squat bench deadlift and pull ups and he justhits 'em and that's all he hits and he'll do a little bit of accessory work,but it's just that consistency, that progressive overload, doing your meatpotatoes for a long period of time and just really focusing in and drilling inon it.

[00:20:48] Andrew: And you, and it doesn't just make yourbench better. It makes you stronger across the board, you know? Your squatgoing up makes a lot of different things improve, not just that baseline. It's,[00:21:00] there's a reason that they're thesecompound exercises. So it's something I totally, totally suck at because I getbored so quick and I'm like, oh, it's been, uh, one day I'm gonna do somethingnew for a new program.

[00:21:12] Andrew: Or, you know, it's more likely likefour or six weeks I'll swap around and I'm just inconsistent. So that it's ahundred percent true.

[00:21:19] Daniel: Yeah, totally. And the last thing Iwould say is that, uh, nutrition does matter. So I definitely eat healthierthan I've ever eaten in my life. Thank you to Hillary for that. Um, I'm moremindful of the things that I eat. So we just, you know, got back from this. AndMontana, you know, I had to eat out a lot and I would think about like, if ameal, if I didn't have vegetables at a meal, like that'd kind of bother me.

[00:21:45] Daniel: I would sort of seek out getting somevegetables in the next meal or just like eating carrots or cucumbers orsomething like that. Um, adding in creatine as a regular daily, um, intakemultivitamin, um, and then, you know, every day doing a protein shake. So thosewere some of the things that I needed to kind of get a little bit.

[00:22:04] Daniel: Extra mass that I've personallystruggled with.

[00:22:09] Andrew: That's good diet diet is veryimportant as someone who is eating too many bad things on a regular basis.Again, you don't have to show me up this bad. I mean, you already blew me outtathe water and pushups. The run's just gonna be, this is just hurtful Daniel. Imean, come on man. So, but I mean, it's, it's something that the rest of ourguys are doing too, you know, Colton. He, you know, just a little bit ofeffort. He really, it add probably 10, 15 pushups to his max and under a weekjust by working at it for a few days, which that's not gonna happen on a lot ofstuff, but something like pushups where you're coming in, pretty green on himand you're jumping in to. Trying to get that number up, you can get, you know,a decent boost pretty quick.

[00:22:55] Andrew: Um, same with running. You might notget down to a six minute and 32nd mile very quickly if you're running a 15minute mile or something, but, um, just by really kind of putting in thateffort for a consistent period of time, um, it really has a pretty. Noticeableeffect pretty quickly. The longer term stuff is a much like getting past thatfirst little hump, uh, takes a lot longer, but getting to the first hump isactually not too bad.

[00:23:24] Andrew: And I might be saying that wrong, butlike the newbie gains are real is another way to put it. So don't be afraid toput some effort in for a little while.

[00:23:32] Daniel: Yeah, totally. You'll see. Quickimprovements. That's why I've kind of been pushing my team to early in theweek. Like, go ahead and get a mile time down because I guarantee if you, youknow, if you try to hit maybe three different runs this week, like you'll seeimprovement each time that you go. Um, unless you, I don't know, go run onemorning when it's 80 degrees.

[00:23:57] Daniel: And then the other time you run in theafternoon, it's 105 [00:24:00] degrees. Like,yeah, that's a little different, but if you're running consistently at the sametime, Time, like you will, you will see that improvement. Nothing else. Justmentally seeing. Okay. I posted, you know, an eight minute and I didn't die atthe end of it.

[00:24:15] Daniel: I can push it a little bit. I think Ican get a little bit faster, so hopefully, hopefully they'll be able to,

[00:24:22] Andrew: Well, before we close this bad boyout, uh, what's your prediction for the end here? Which team do you

[00:24:30] Daniel: well, my team, obviously

[00:24:32] Andrew: think is gonna win? that's what I wasgonna say about my team. So what happens if we're a tie, do have you figuredout your, uh, Figured out a little tie breaker yet.

[00:24:42] Daniel: Oh, I think we, we gotta let the comdo that. I think we gotta tap Michael and, and see what

[00:24:47] Andrew: see how man. I'm worried about that.

[00:24:51] Daniel: well, we,

[00:24:52] Andrew: okay. Why do you think your team'sgonna win? Let's hear your argument.

[00:24:57] Daniel: we use S

[00:24:58] Andrew: Oh,

[00:24:59] Daniel: obviously. With, uh, with how wepicked things. So the the cardio piece, I think you're right in that. Um, Ijust, I don't think any of you, boys are cardio boys and

[00:25:12] Andrew: Nah, man, our team name was almostteam.

[00:25:16] Daniel: yeah. Brett's knee and your knee arekind of preventing y'all from running the mile. And I think biking two and ahalf is a, is an equivalent, but I still think it's gonna be tough, cuz none ofus are like crazy.

[00:25:29] Daniel: You know, cyclists and have like topof the line gear or anything like that. Um, don't have like a track that we cango to. So it's either using an indoor cycle, which just is never quite asmotivating as a, uh, an actual cycle. Like I've never posted a treadmill run.That's better than a run on a track.

[00:25:49] Daniel: Just, just the way that it goes. So Ithink we've got that plan in our favor. Um, Jason, I think did a lot of runningduring step week. So I think he'll be solid as our captain and yeah, I just, Irun all the time. I never stop there, so we'll see. I could be wrong. Um, andthen pull

[00:26:08] Andrew: you think you guys will win the win,which I'm with you, but what about pull ups?

[00:26:13] Daniel: So pullups so pullups, I think I canat least match bread. I figured he'd get me on pushups, but I think I'll atleast match there. Um, I don't think you're gonna have the crazy, likedisparity between whoever is second on my team that you did with the pushups. Just,just being honest with you

[00:26:35] Andrew: I, I will be surprised if I beat outJason or Jonathan. Uh, my pull up game is, and it, and dude, I've, we've talkedabout it before. I've packed on some weight and on pushups. It's not as big ofa deal on pullups. It has been noticeable.

[00:26:50] Daniel: Oh, it's a huge deal. And, and Coltonis a strong boy, like he's thick and that's a lot.

[00:26:56] Andrew: gonna be in the same boat, like we'rein [00:27:00] trouble.

[00:27:00] Andrew: I'll I admit there, I'm hopingJonathan's in the same boat as us.

[00:27:05] Daniel: he's, uh, he's been hitting up everyplayground in Oklahoma, knocking out reps of you. 10 to 15 at a time. So

[00:27:12] Andrew: Shoot. I was gonna go to bed after werecorded this. I'm going to go find some, pull up bars. Uh, so you, I mean, Idon't think your argument is unsound. I, I really, really, know, we just didthe sports be challenge. Um, if someone in Vegas was putting odds on us forthis, uh, this would be one of those really, really, really, really. Likehighly weighted bad ratio bets, uh, is saying we'd win. Like this would be abet I would make on my team. And the hope that my dollar bet would turn into$200. Um, very unlikely that a team, no knees also known as team hush is goingto pull out the cardio win . Uh, but you know, the pullups I think, I thinkthere's a chance Colton. He's competitive. And I know he can do a few, uh,maybe I can snag him for, you know, we've got almost two weeks. Uh, maybe wecan get him there. Maybe we can get him there. Maybe we can get me there. Uh,

[00:28:23] Daniel: I think some of it's gonna come downto like how strict we are with form as well.

[00:28:28] Andrew: Yeah, we might need to, that'll besomething for, uh, all of our listeners. Um, we'll try and have some videos forthe pull ups when it comes around at the end for the closeout and theannouncement of the next challenge for July. You can be our judge, let us knowif there was any cheating or, you know, shenanigans, uh, specifically on teamthunder, clap, uh, not team hush.

[00:28:51] Andrew: You don't have to look at our videos,but , we'll try and post everything and see how well we performed. I know mypushups for example, were not exactly, uh, the most military clean pushups I'veever done, but oh, well, I'll blame it on the belly. I'm obviously thinking myteam's gonna win. Uh, I am, I'm rolling the dice on a miracle for the pullups,but, uh, it doesn't have to be a huge miracle.

[00:29:17] Andrew: So I'm, I'm hoping we at least tie itup because I'm sure we're gonna lose this week. and then we'll see what thecommissioner says. Well, all right guys. Uh, guess that covers it. Um, Keep a,keep your eyes peeled to see those results in the Google sheet. If you want. Otherwise,we'll have our next episode at the end of this month, probably. Probably aroundthe 4th of July, we seem to have a thing for posting on holidays. So , we'llsee if that happens again or not, but just keep your eyes peeled and we'll see,uh, if Thunderclap pulls out the win on Daniel's [00:30:00]pretty sound theory there, or, uh, if I can manage to manufacture a miracle forteam hush and get us at least a tie breaker chance at.

[00:30:11] Andrew: This competition. So till next time,guys, we look forward to connecting with you soon.

[00:30:16] Daniel: Good luck.